Your Panchpakshi is rooster

rooster Panchpakshi The Pancha-Pakshi Sastra is a popular astrology method of South India. The five-birds of the Panch-Pakshi shastra represent the five basic elements of the universe. According to this system, each person has a primary or ruling element that governs his characteristics and personality. The report below tells you your Panch-Pakshi bird as per the Sastra, and how it influences your life and personality.

Your Personality accordig to your Panchpakshi
You are very serious in nature. You analyze everything and then come to a conclusion is the main feature of your behavior. therefore, your knowledge and your intelligence reflects in your ideas and decisions. However, your way of talking reflects your show-off behavior. You start hating a person if something about himself has made you upset. You are also a short tempered person which is not good for your health. Therefore, you should try to control your anger. Besides this, it si also very important for you to think about others as well. You like food which is sour in taste and also enjoy to over-sleep.

Panchpakshi and your health
Your birth bird is the representative of your head and neck. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take care of these parts of your body, otherwise it will be very painful for you. Anger and hate are the two key elements which you need to avoid because they can also become one of the reasons of your health related problems.

Your lucky direction from Panchpakshi
North is the lucky direction for you. You should complete all your work in this direction as it will be favorable for you. If you also take important decisions in this direction then it will be very auspicious for you. You should sit in this direction at work-front as a result, your work abilities will enhance.

Your lucky color from Panchpakshi
Your lucky color is Green. Therefore, try to make maximum use of this color in your everyday life. As a result, you will have a strong fortune and you will stay fit mentally and physically. Use or wear this color on important occasion or at the time of some important work will give you positive results.

Your auspicious deity from Panchpakshi
Your idol is lord Ganesha. If you worship lord Ganesha and have faith in him you will be able to limit your anger. The negativity will not try to overrule your intellect and you will be able to maintain peace of mind. lord Ganesha will also reduce your problems and difficulties in life and all your pending work will be successfully done.