Your Panchpakshi is Owl

Owl Panchpakshi The Pancha-Pakshi Sastra is a popular astrology method of South India. The five-birds of the Panch-Pakshi shastra represent the five basic elements of the universe. According to this system, each person has a primary or ruling element that governs his characteristics and personality. The report below tells you your Panch-Pakshi bird as per the Sastra, and how it influences your life and personality.

Your Personality accordig to your Panchpakshi
Your birth bird indicates that you are energetic and confident personality. You are also very ambitious. You will be very hard working and dedicated towards life are the key assets of your behavior. But one which is not good about you is that you are short tempered which you need to control. You also lend a helping hand to others and are very much into day dreaming. The reason of your success is you belong to young generation and innovate new ideas. What so ever the situation you do not lose hope and deal with the situation wisely and with patience. This positive quality about your behavior sometimes makes you feel proud about yourself. Hence, you need to practice to calm your nature and be gentle. From birth bird it is also obtained that you are intelligent and knowledgeable. These key assets will bring happiness in your life. You also like to decorate your home. The natural environment of forest bring smile on your face. You like salty food.

Panchpakshi and your health
In matters of health you may suffer from problems in your lower abdominal, mouth, feet and infection in blood are the like diseases which can cause you lot of pain in life in concern with your health. It is because your birth bird cause affect in these parts of your body. Therefore, be cautious about your health and be serious and take precautions if you notice any problem in these parts of your body. As a result, you will stay fit and will be able to make reduction in problems related to your health.

Your lucky direction from Panchpakshi
The south direction is auspicious for you. You will achieve success in your work if you will do it in this direction. While signing on important papers make use of this direction. As this will result in your favor. The journeys made in the southern direction will prove beneficial for you. Hence, plan your business meeting in this direction as this will be profitable for you.

Your lucky color from Panchpakshi
Your lucky color is golden. The maximum use of this color will increase the number of benefic results in your life. In important meeting or at work-front, wear this color as it will be auspicious for you. While going out in regard with important work you should wear the clothes of golden color you will definitely achieve success in your work.

Your auspicious deity from Panchpakshi
Lord Vishnu is your idol. Therefore, you should worship lord Vishnu with dedication. due to their worship the problem in your life will get reduce as well as the obstacles in your way will also get remove. It is also advisable for you that try to divert your mind towards spirituality as this will amke your fortune strong and positive energy will flow within you.