Predictions for Swati Nakshatra Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra

Swati nakshatra is the 15th nakshatra out of the total 27 nakshatra. Its is just a one star rather than a group of many stars. Due to its size and dispersion in the sky, it looks like an oval coral, pearl or shining beads. It stays from 6 ansh 40 kala to 20 ansh in the Libra sun sign and in the constellation it extends from 186:40 degrees to 200:00 degrees in the constellation. The nakshatrapati is rahu and its deity is Varun.

Swati nakshatra means ‘shubh nakshatrapunj’. When moon comes in this nakshatra and it rains, then it is considered beneficial. When the branches of trees move, also depicts swati nakshatra. And at some places it is also depicted by red stone or by the gemstone of Mars that is coral.

Swati nakshatra- Body and personality traits

The natives born in this nakshatra have a nice body and height. The native always have a smiling face. They don’t walk fast. They might have curved feets and a little high rise knees. They are physically attractive.

They have a cheerful nature. They are known for their good manners. The natives are intelligent, scholars and influential. They are an expert in doing administrative works. They have a nice behaviour and have the capability to control it. That’s why they have a controlled behaviour. The natives is compassionate and follows the legal rules, so they are a good citizen also.

Vayu is the devta of this nakshatra due to which they have a restlessness in their behaviour. They can not stay at a one place for a longer time. They direction of this nakshatra is north west. They affect the atmosphere also because wind and storm comes under this. The natives born in this nakshatra are intelligent, humorous and great scholars.

They are mostly peace loving, but when they become angry it becomes difficult to calm down. They don’t like criticism for their work. They are always ready to help others. But they don’t like interference in their own freedom. They are shy and gentle by nature. They are patient and wait for the situation to improve. They don’t take the initiative to move forward and improve the situation. They are very good with their friends and bad with their enemies.


The family life of the natives of swati nakshatra can not be said favourable. People will see them as a happy couple but from inside they are not like that. Due to family and social status, they may have to act differently against their wishes. They might receive happiness from their children. They might have more daughters. Native fulfils his responsibility, but due to some mental disturbances they might work according to their wish.


Swati is the 15th nakshatra and its ruling lord is Rahu. Kidney, Gallbladder, skin and ureter comes under this nakshatra. Some astrologers says that chest is the organ of this nakshatra while some say that mouth, nostril, limb, abdomen, anus, and all the organs of the brain are affected by this nakshatra. If this nakshatra is affected then the native might suffer from problems related to these body parts. Swati nakshatra is known as the cough pradhan nakshatra so the native might suffer from problems related to cough or vata.


The natives of this nakshatra are courageous, knowledgeable, motivated and knows about science, therefore they have the capability to do any service. They can be good administrators in the field of learning, hidden talents and secret works. They do works like that of saints, yogis and thinkers. They might work as medicine dealers, actors, theatre artists or in travel industry. They can be textile dealers, part of navy or translators of astrologers.

They can become shopkeepers, businessman, sport person or investigator. They can do works related to airplane business, travel services, news reading or anchors. They love doing works related to cleanliness or administration. Since ‘Vayu’ is the deity of this nakshatra therefore they can work in the fields related to wind like wind equipments, parachute or gliders.

First phase of Swati nakshatra

If moon comes in the first phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have fair complexion, long nose and protruding eyes. They might have a face like that of a horse and a slim figure. They might have a beautiful dental line, long fingers, beautiful feet and emerging cheeks. The native might be intelligent and believes in God. They might have a small feet. They serve and respect their parents.

Second phase of Swati nakshatra

If moon comes in the second phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have thin shoulders and arms. They might have a long height. They might be a little coward and they might also have emerging teeth. They might have a normal complexion and might have a normal character. They might also have a little liquid eyes.

Third phase of Swati nakshatra

If moon comes in the third phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have serious eyes. They might be clever businessman also. They earn money by travelling. They might have a stable heart and is loved by his friends. They might lack lustre in their hair. They might have medium eyes and a little pressure under the nose.

Fourth phase of Swati nakshatra

If moon comes in the fourth phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have beautiful eyes. They might have a little heavy body. They might have a fair complexion and big eyes. They might have a straight nose and shiny nails. They might be knowers of scriptures and might be efficient in policy behaviour.

Words for names according to Swati nakshatra

If the first phase of swati nakshatra, is between 00:06:40 to 00:10:00, then the word is Ru.

If the second phase of swati nakshatra, is between 00:10:00 to 00:13:20, then the word is Re.

If the third phase of swati nakshatra, is between 00:13:20 to 00:16:40, then the word is Ro.

If the fourth phase of swati nakshatra, is between 00:16:40 to 00:20:00, then the word is Ta.

Veda Mantra for Swati nakshatra

Om VaayRannRadhi Budhah Sumedh Shweitah SishikTino,

Yutambhi Shri Tam Vaayve SumNasa VitsthurVishveNarah,

SwaPathya Nichakruh, Om Vaayve Namah.


People with Swati nakshatra should worship Goddess Saraswati. Along with this reciting saraswati mantra will also give good results. Reciting ‘Oh anh hyin klein sarswaitai’

will also give best results. Selecting white coloured or light coloured clothes is considered auspicious for them. When moon is in transit in this nakshatra then doing Saraswati puja is also considered beneficial for the native. The native of this nakshatra can wear diamond or zircon.

Other elements of Swati nakshatra

Nakshatra- Swati

Zodiac Sign- Libra

Vaishya- Male

Yoni- Mahish

Mahavair- Horse

Ruling Lord- Venus

Gan- Deva

Nadi- Antya

Element- Wind

Behaviour- Restless

Nakshatra God- Vayu

Panchasala Vedha- Shatbhisha