Predictions for Revati Nakshatra Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra is the 27th nakshatra. It is the last among all nakshatras. Revati Nakshatra is a collection of 32 stars which looks like a huge group. Revati Pisces sign ranges from 16 ansh 40 kala to 30 ansh section. Revati symbolizes wealth, richness and reputation while some learned people also consider this planet to be a sign of success. Dev Brihaspati is it’s rashi-pati and Budh is it’s nakshatra-pati. Devta Pushan is the ruler of Revati.

These planets have Jupiter and Mercury influence on them. Jupiter and Mercury, both of these friends have no relation with each other. That’s the reason, whenever Mercury Mahadasha results has to be determined, the person born in this kundali, the present status of Guru and Mercury, is observed.

Revati Nakshatra - Body and Personality traits

A person born in Revati Nakshatra generally is tall with a good and balanced physique. Person is fair-complexioned and has an attractive personality. People born in this Nakshatra are pure at heart and know how to act according to given situations.

These people cannot keep secrets for a long time. They are quite ambitious about education and are always keen to gain more and more knowledge. Revati Nakshatra born people cannot stick to a workplace for many days. They lose their concentration and feel bored when they are to do a task for a longer period of time. They wish to do something different at that time. These people remain mentally stressed due to physical problems.

People born with this planet’s effect do not trust people easily but once they trust someone they believe them whole-heartedly. They love balance, hence they respect the society and its rituals. They accomplish any task in an orderly manner. They handle situations with lot of maturity and sensibility.

Revati Nakshatra is known to be auspicious and lucky. A person born under this sign is very faithful. The person knows how to be calm and cool even during adverse situations. He/She is quite sensible by nature always has a readiness to help others. He respects and loves the people around him. As e is too emotional and soft by nature, he gets hurt very easily. His well-behaved nature attracts people towards him.

They can be at times quite arrogant about their abilities and skills. They may appear to be too proud of themselves which in turn makes people disrespectful towards them. These people are highly interested about the other gender. Sometimes, they fail to act according to situations. They need to struggle a lot in their lives to achieve success. Many a times, it has been seen that people born with this sign keep wasting their talents at wrong places. These people are advised to have a strict control over their expenses. They also love to travel a lot.

Revati Nakshatra - Family

Individuals born under Revati Nakshatra are very attached to their families, but he is never able to express his emotions. It is seen that these people live far away from their birth places. His relatives, near and dear ones do not help him much. He is not able to receive enough support from his father’s end as well. Disputeful environment might arise in familial life. Their opinions may also clash with that of the others on tiny matters. Because of all these reasons, they do not have a harmonious relationship with their relatives. They have a normal married life though. Life partner shows an equal and lovable approach.

Revati Nakshatra - Health

This is the 27th and the last sign and is ruled by Guru and Budh. This planet controls the palms and finger toes. Apart from these this planet also controls diseases regarding stomach or digestion, thighs and knees. Due to the influence of this planet you may be suffering from ailment related to these body parts. The people under this planet also have complaints about cough due to which climate change affects these people very fast.

Revati Nakshatra - Business

Revati Nakshatra people are curious about scientific researches, historical findings and primitive culture. Obviously, if they take up these fields as their profession it turns out to be beneficial for them. They also like work related to astrology. Medical studies can also be a good option for them. Only through their hard work, they get to be successful. Besides these, you can also excel in the field of arts and literature.

Drawing and painting, acting, theatre, music, linguistic, magician, railways and roadways civil engineer, architecture, writer, air hostess, gem dealer; work related to orphanage, religious communities, security, motor vehicle training,commute etc. also interest these people to some extend.

First phase of Revati Nakshatra

If Lagn or Chandrama (Moon) comes at the first phase of Revati Nakshatra, then it is said that the person is good-looking, talented, has a small nose and might talk with a slightly crooked mouth or face. The person must practice to maintain his concentration. He is bright and tries to do all his tasks with a lot of conviction and dedication. The person is persistent with his efforts and is successful in gaining knowledge. May also have a little attitude.

Second phase of Revati Nakshatra

If Lagn or Chandrama (Moon) falls in the second phase of Revati Nakshatra, then, he has a lot of attitude and is arrogant about his wealth and richness. He might be an advisor at some places or instances. He is unable to earn the respect and love that he deserves from his family and the society. May also have to face humiliation at some point of time. He comes under the category of brave and important people but may remain a little sad deep in his heart. Sadness may give birth to laziness and make the person lethargic.

Third phase of Revati Nakshatra

If Lagn or Chandrama (Moon) is in the third phase of Revati Nakshatra, then, the such a person is tall, has a bigger head, a tad lazy by nature, has rough hair and is always trying to save money. This type of person is gives tough competition to his peers. He is always successful in defeating his enemies.

Fourth phase of Revati Nakshatra

If Lagn or Chandrama (Moon) is in the fourth phase of Revati Nakshatra, then, the person has an average height, is soft-spoken and is patient by nature. He has big eyes and a glowing physique. He has good knowledge about science and scriptures and is also an expert at social behaviour but he himself might become the reason of his stress. He is extremely talented and an able person.

Words for names according to Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra’s third phase which is from 16.40 to 20.00, its alphabet is ‘De’.

Revati Nakshatra’s fourth phase which is from 20.40 to 23.20, its alphabet is ‘Do’.

Revati Nakshatra’s first phase which is from 23.20 to 26.40, its alphabet is ‘Cha’.

Revati Nakshatra’s second phase which is from 26.40 to 30.00, its alphabet is ‘Chi’.

Revati Nakshatra’s Veda Mantra

Om Pushan Vrate Vyay Narishebhay Kadachan.

Stotarsteihasmi. Om Pushne Namah.


For Revati Nakshatra’s people it is suggested that they must worship Lord Vishnu. Listening and chanting to about all the names of Vishnu gives auspicious results. While Chandrama (Moon) transits through Revati Nakshatra, the person should enchant the following mantra; “Om La, Om Shang, Om Ang”. Doing this can bring positivity and success in his life. Apart this, wearing light blue, green or mixed coloured clothes can also bring in positive results for such people.

Other elements of Revati Nakshatra

Nakshatra - Revati

Sign - Pisces

Vashya - Jalchar

Yoni - Gaj

Mahavair - Singh

Rashi Swami - Guru

Gan - Dev

Nadi - Antya

Tatva - Water

Nature - Soft

Nakshatra Devta - Pusha

Panchshala Vedh - Utra Falguni