Predictions for Pushya Nakshatra Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya nakshatra holds 8th position out of the total 27 nakshatras. It extends from 93:20 degrees to 106:40 degrees in the constellation. The deity of this nakshatra is jupiter. The ruling lord is moon and the planet is saturn. The meaning of pushya nakshatra is to give nourishment or that who gives power and energy. According to some it is also referred as a beautiful flower. An old name of pushya is tishya which means who gives happiness and auspiciousness. This nakshatra is referred to as maha nakshatra or highly auspicious nakshatra.

There are 3 nakshatras in this which forms a straight arrow. Many experts believe there is a round shape in this nakshatra which depicts wheel of progress. Some experts believe it to be in a shape of a cow’s milk giving organ, which depicts that cow’s milk is auspicious and healthy for humans.

Pushya Nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The body of pushya nakshatra native is firm and well built. They have a round face and it is full of radiance. They are also affected by obesity. They might have some kind of mark on their body. People born under this nakshatra are always ready to help others. The natives of this nakshatra are very popular and gets respect and love from everyone. They are loyal, patient and supportive.

The native of this nakshatra are always ready to help others. They might face some problems in their childhood. If the nakshatra is in auspicious position then the native gets lot of money and stays like a king. They work for the public and tries to decrease the sorrows of others. The native gives importance to happiness, satisfaction, support and safety. They are always ready to serve others and have good manners. The native can become lazy and inactive if the nakshatra has malefic effect. The native is friendly and is fond of eating. They are well mannered, have patience and respects their mother.

They are not afraid of hard work and have the capability to finish every work with efficiency. They have an interest in spirituality, are fond of travelling, achieves success slowly with their hard work, have friendly nature, and spends wisely. They give importance to truth and judgement. They don’t stay away from truth, and if by any chance they have to support something wrong then they become upset and sad. They don’t let laziness overpower them and cannot stay at one place. They are very playful.


You might face many ups and downs in your family. The native might have to depend on others for their requirements, but slowly they can control this situation. They feel fully responsible towards their life partners. They can be highly dependent on their partners or might even show disbelief or suspicion. But the females will be highly obedient towards their husbands. The native might not express themselves so it will be difficult for the family members to find they are feeling.Their will be love in married life but suspicion will also be there.


The body parts that come under this nakshatra are lungs, stomach and ribs. If this nakshatra is affected then the native might face problems related to these organs. Face and mouth are the are the parts of pushya. Face expressions are related to pushya. Gastric problems like ulcers, jaundice, eczema, coughing, and cancer like diseases might affect the native. Respiratory problems might also affect the native. Cold might also affect the native frequently.


The natives of pushya nakshatra should work in the field of religion like Dharma Guru or in the field of politics like head of the state, lawmakers, legislators or politicians. They are associated with charitable institutions and earn money through land and buildings. They can even work as a personal secretary or in confidential departments. They can even work in educational institutions. Works include working as a maid for child care, self service workers, or working in play school or orphanage, building construction and craftsmanship.

They can work as a manufacturer of jaggery and sugar. They can even work in the field of forest works, advisors, politicians, political and administrative works, swimmers, traditional works or organising religious and social functions. Performing yagnas also comes under this nakshatra.

First phase of Pushya Nakshatra

If moon is present in the first phase of pushya nakshatra, the native has pinkish complexion that is they are beautiful. They love art but are furious while fighting. They have eyes and face like a tomcat. They are of sacrificing nature. They have a feeling of sacrifice and responsibility towards females. The might suffer from stomach problems and respiratory problems.

Second phase of Pushya Nakshatra

If moon is present in the second phase of pushya nakshatra, then the native has fair complexion, is talkative, has beautiful and delicate body and is full of feelings. He loves work that require less efforts and can be a bit lazy. They might have a delicate body like that of a female. The native might have many friends and might be the owner of land and building. They respect females also.

Third phase of Pushya Nakshatra

If moon is present in the third phase of pushya nakshatra, then the native impresses others by their way of speech. They have a wheatish complexion, big body, long height, curved eyebrows and beautiful nose. The body may be weak from inside. They love doing charity and works according to their caste and religion. They think of getting a home near water or park. They put hard work in foreign places. The native might face problems related to kids.

Fourth phase of Pushya Nakshatra

If moon is present in the fourth phase of pushya nakshatra, then the native might have a spark in its voice, a bent neck and joined eyebrows. They might have long hands and legs, and loves to help others but can be lazy sometimes and can even spoil their work. They are powerful but are low on intellect. They can take over the money of others. They might have leadership powers on outsiders.

Words for names according to Pushya nakshatra

If the first phase of Pushya nakshatra, is between 00:03:20 to 00:06:40, then the word is Hu.

If the second phase of Pushya nakshatra, is between 00:06:40 to 00:10:00, then the word is He.

If the third phase of Pushya nakshatra, is between 00:10:00 to 00:13:20, then the word is Ho.

If the fourth phase of Pushya nakshatra, is between 00:13:20 to 00:16:40, then the word is Da.

Veda Mantra for Pushya nakshatra

Om Brihaspate AtiYadaryo Arhaad DumDwiBhaati KritMajNeishu,

YadDeedYachhwas RitPraJaat TadasMaasu Dravin Dhehi Chitram,

Om BrihasPatye Namah.


To prevent yourself from the bad effects of pushya nakshatra should serve cows, donate cow fodder in gaushala and give charity to pandits according to your capabilities. Worshipping Devi Maa is considered beneficial. Should recite mantra jaap of jupiter. Wearing clothes of white, yellow and orange colour is also considered beneficial. If moon is in transit in this nakshatra, then reciting mantras and doing charity is considered beneficial.

Other elements of Pushya nakshatra

Nakshatra- Pushya

Zodiac Sign- Cancer

Vaishya- Water creature

Yoni- Beetle

Mahavair- Monkey

Ruling Lord- Moon

Gan- Deva

Nadi- Medium

Element- Water

Behaviour- Sophisticated

Nakshatra God- Jupiter

Panchasala Vedha- Jyestha