Predictions for Mrigashira Nakshatra Nakshatra

Mrigashira Nakshatra

Mrigashira nakshatra is the 5th nakshatra out of the total 27 nakshatras. This nakshatra forms the head of a deer from 3 stars, that’s why it is called as ‘Mrigashirsha’ in vedas. In simple words it is called as hare or crib. The ruling lord of this nakshatra is mars and God is moon.

To spot the mrigashira nakshatra in the sky, just spot 4 shiny stars and in between them you will find 3 stars in a straight line. It is also called as a huntsman's arrow. The star of this arrow is very bright and separated, this is the identification of this nakshatra. The shape of this nakshatra is similar to that of a deer.

Mrigashira nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

Mrigashira nakshatra is the nakshatra of mars, so the person’s behaviour is affected by the birth nakshatra. The native is courageous, mighty and efficient. They have a beautiful and a strong body. They have a long height, medium complexion, long legs and thin hands. They also have sharp eyes and nicely build body.

The native is intelligent and cunning. They love to spend their life in materialistic comforts. Though they are intelligent but they cannot use this quality at the right time. They are a perfect combination of brain and power. They have the quality of becoming a leader by birth. Their leadership qualities can be seen in social gatherings and friend circle.

They don't like to make any changes in their work be it business or service. They love to leave a mark in the work they choose. They are determined in their decisions, so their goals also don’t change frequently. They don’t have any misconceptions in what work they want to do and how.

They are always ready to do works that require power and courage. They do the work with full enthusiasm and excitement. They take up new work only after considering the future. They always speak truth and expect the same from others. They don’t forgive those who deceive them. Though, they they do not bring the idea of ​​deceiving someone.

Sometimes due to their quickness, lack of efficiency can be seen in their work. The natives of this nakshatra are trustworthy friends. They help their friends whenever they need them and they also try to keep their promises. They have self respect, due to which they don’t take help from friends and others. They love taking risks.

Family Life

They don’t have a happy family life. Your colleagues will always harm you, rather then giving them benefits. Their love and support doesn’t affect others and they might not get support from family also. The natives family always hold them responsible for everything. Their destiny only affects them. The health of life partner will be a bit weak. Differences might arise in married life due to the feeling of being superior than the other. After marriage also, the native might be involved in different works.


This nakshatra comes on the fifth position and its ruling lord is Mars. In the second phase of this nakshatra comes the chin, cheeks, voice box, palate, blood vessels, tonsils, and cervical veins. In the third and fourth phase comes the throat and voice, arms and shoulders, ears, upper ribs and eyebrows. If this nakshatra is affected then these organs might also get affected. Since, this nakshatra is affected by the power of mars, so the person’s gallbladder might get affected.


The natives born under this nakshatra are fond of music and creative subjects. They are deeply attached to this hobby. And at the same time, he also strives to fulfill this hobby whenever they get time. They can even earn money and fame when they become experts in this field.

To fulfill this hobby they might travel to different places and travel becomes inseparable part of their life. Business that they might get involved in are forest areas, open grounds, grassland, gardens, playcalls, nurseries, relaxation houses, small shops, astronomy, astrology and spiritual institutions. Linguist and music composer comes under this category. Work of land building, writing-thinking, textile industry, promotion work, animal husbandry, bridge and path construction and fashion related works comes under this nakshatra.

First phase of Mrigashira nakshatra

If moon comes in the first phase of mrigashira nakshatra, then the native is as effective as a lion’s eyes. They have beautiful teeth, always loves to win, straight nose, sharp nails and are blunt in speaking. They are lazy also. Hair might be curly and black.

Second phase of Mrigashira nakshatra

If moon comes in the second phase of mrigashira nakshatra, then the native has less patience. He might be a little coward. He might be short tempered and might be a bit clever. He always works towards achieving financial goals. They are less attractive and murmurs behind you.

Third phase of Mrigashira nakshatra

If moon comes in the third phase of mrigashira nakshatra, then the native has intense and black eyes, high rise nose, hairy shoulders, and have thin arms and legs. They might be of dark complexion.

Fourth phase of Mrigashira nakshatra

If moon comes in the fourth phase of mrigashira nakshatra, then the native is verbose, likes hurting others, round head and flat nose. He might be like a generous worker, and might also do some illegal works.

Words for names for Mrigashira nakshatra

If the first phase of mrigashira nakshatra, is between 23:20 to 26:40, then the word is Ve.

If the second phase of mrigashira nakshatra, is between 26:40 to 30:00, then the word is Vo.

If the third phase of mrigashira nakshatra, is between 00:00 to 03:20, then the word is Ka.

If the fourth phase of mrigashira nakshatra, is between 03:20 to 06:40, then the word is Ki.

Veda mantra of Mrigashira nakshatra

Om SomDhenu Gwwam SomaAvantuMaashu Gwwam,

SomoVeerah KarmanyandDaati YadatayaVidhya Gwwam,

SabheiyamPitram ShravanYom, Om ChandraMase Namah.


The native of mrigashira nakshatra should worship Goddess Parvati. By worshiping Goddess Parvati the native gets relief from disasters. The native gets good results. When the moon revolves in the month of November and December, then the native gets good results related to mrigashira nakshatra. Along with this reciting the mantra of Mars, is also considered beneficial.

Other elements of Bharni nakshatra

Nakshatra- Mrigashira

Zodiac Sign- Taurus-2, Gemini-2

Vaishya- Quadraple-2, Nar-2

Yoni- Snake

Mahavair- Nyola

Ruling Lord- Venus-2, Mercury-2

Gan- Dev

Nadi- Madhya

Element- Earth-2, Wind-2

Behaviour- Soft

Nakshatra God- Moon

Panchshala Veda- Uttarashana