Predictions for Hasta Nakshatra Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta nakshatra is the 13th nakshatra out of the total 27 nakshatras. The deity of this nakshatra is Aditya. The 5 stars of this nakshatra forms the shape of a palm. Due to its shape, it is called as hasta. Hasta means hand, which can further be extended to sharing work or holding hands. The natives born in this nakshatra automatically have the qualities of moon. The native of this nakshatra is intelligent by behaviour.

Hasta Nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The native of this nakshatra have flexibility in their body. They can do work easily like a nut. They have small eyes and a round face. The also have a long height and solid body. They have small hands as compared to their body. They might have a mark on the upper side of the right hand or below the shoulder. The native has a sharp mind and also give good advices to other through their good sense of humour. They are mentally and physically stable. They don’t like wasting their time.

The natives of this nakshatra are peace loving. Along with this they are emotional also. Due to the effect of moon, the native of this nakshatra has an attractive personality due to which they have agile behaviour. Sense of humour can be seen in the natives behaviour.

The natives have the capability to impress others with their words quickly. They take interest in intellectual works. They can be a bit shy also. People of this nakshatra have womanly gestures in them. They think like a woman in matters related to colour and other life matters.

The faiths and beliefs of the native keeps on changing. They are attached towards luxuries of life. The natives might take some strange decisions, which they might regret later. The native of this nakshatra achieves success through their intellect and cleverness. They are successful in obtaining wealth due to which they can enjoy all the luxuries of life.


The natives of this nakshatra has an equal responsibility towards everyone and they mobilize stuff for the happiness of the family. They take extra responsibility towards their kids health and good education. They give good values to their kids. Maintain support and respect in front of everyone in the family and keep an eye on the entire responsibility of keeping the home environment healthy and pleasurable and also work hard towards achieving this.


This is the 13th nakshatra and its ruling lord is moon. The body parts that come under this nakshatra are intestines, endocrine glands and enzymes. Palms, wrists and fingers also comes under this nakshatra. If this nakshatra is affected then the native might suffer from problems related to this nakshatra. The vat element of the native dominates him.


The natives of this nakshatra loves doing business rather than doing service. They natives of this nakshatra have interest in social service and serving others and they receive respect in works related to them. Sometimes, they try to ignore the interests of others in an effort to earn a lot of profits, in such a situation, selfishness can be seen in their nature. Because of their intelligence their financial position remains strong. They are an expert in doing hand works due to which they love doing craftsmanship. They do well in works related to jewellery, fine arts, creativity, story writing, printing and publishing. Psychiatrist, cosmetologist, writers, typists, physiotherapists, cleaners, comedians, news readers are some of the professions that comes under this nakshatra.

First phase of Hasta Nakshatra

If moon comes in the first phase of this nakshatra, then the native might be intelligent and might be a knower of scriptures. The native might have soft body, fair complexion and a pinkish personality. He might be a bit harsh by nature. He might be full of intellect.

Second phase of Hasta Nakshatra

If moon comes in the second phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have fuller shoulders, long height, heavy hair, heavy chest and arms. He might have strong intestines. He is dependent on others for his work.

Third phase of Hasta Nakshatra

If moon comes in the third phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have sparkling body and personality and might have good manners. He might be an expert in his field of education and tries to make changes in scriptures. He might love to travel and might have a clear heart. He might be an expert reading and learning.

Fourth phase of Hasta Nakshatra

If moon comes in the fourth phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have risen shoulders and less pores on his arms. He might have a little heavy stomach. Legs might also be heavy. He might also have white hair. He might have a small face and the native might be afraid of water.

Words for names according to Hasta nakshatra

If the first phase of Hasta nakshatra, is between 00:10:00 to 00:13:20, then the word is Pu.

If the second phase of Hasta nakshatra, is between 00:13:20 to 00:16:40, then the word is Sh.

If the third phase of Hasta nakshatra, is between 00:16:40 to 00:20:00, then the word is Dn.

If the fourth phase of Hasta nakshatra, is between 00:20:00 to 00:23:20, then the word is Th.

Veda Mantra for Hasta nakshatra

Om VibhraadVrihanPivatu Somyam MadhvaaryyuDadhagya,

Patt Va Vihuttam VaatJootoyo Abhi RakshTitmana,

Praja Puposhah PurudhaViraajati, Om Savitre Namah.


The native of this nakshatra should worship Surya Deva and also reciting 108 names of sun is also considered beneficial. Reciting ‘Hridaya Stotra’ path is also considered beneficial. Offering water to Sun and reciting mantras is also considered good for the welfare of the native. Worshipping the 10 forms of Lord Vishnu is also considered useful, as it will prove positive and successful for the native.

Other elements of Hasta nakshatra

Nakshatra- Hasta

Zodiac Sign- Virgo

Vaishya- Male

Yoni- Mahish

Mahavair- Horse

Ruling Lord- Mercury

Gan- Dev

Nadi- Aadi

Element- Earth

Behaviour- Sophisticated

Nakshatra God- Sun

Panchasala Vedha- Uttara Bhadrapad