Predictions for Chitra Nakshatra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra nakshatra is the 14th nakshatra out of the total 27 nakshatra. A star is the prime of this nakshatra which forms the shape of a pearl. It is like a sparkling star. The deity of this nakshatra is vishwakarma. The owner of this nakshatra is Mars and it comes in the rashi of Mercury. Word chitra means bright, interesting and unique. Some experts associate to heart also.

On the full moon day of Chaitra month, moon transits in this nakshatra. The nakshatra pati of this nakshatra is Mars and thus the native gets affected by Mars. The native of this nakshatra has a powerful, energetic and aggressive behaviour. The native of this nakshatra has the qualities to become a good speaker. They earn money and respect by becoming a reporter. This match of intellect and force gives the person the strength to succeed in the field of business.

Chitra Nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The natives of this nakshatra tries to make relations with other. They don’t like to break their relationships. They value their relationships and due to this their relations stays for a longer time. The person of this constellation likes to work with self-confidence while working with courage and risk. So, due to this they keep calm and compose.

They have practicality in their works. Along with this their decisions also have practicality. This behaviour keeps them ahead of others. Due to the effect of mars, they are short tempered. They take time to calm down. But they use their intellect to take important decisions. The native of this nakshatra loves to finish their work on time. Their efforts are the key to success.

The most important characteristic of this nakshatra is being optimistic. This quality helps them in moving forwards in life. Due to this quality they don’t stop in putting efforts. The native of this nakshatra gets happiness and support in their married life. They also get full support from their friends and relatives.


They have special love towards their parents and their behaviour is also full of love towards their siblings. But they also have a little doubtful nature. They don’t trust the behaviours of others easily. The native receives love and wealth from their father. The father of the native lives a separated life. The native is also attached to his mother and also gets benefits from them. Due to the effect of this nakshatra the native stays away from home and cannot stay at their birth place. Married life can be full of ups and downs. There is lack of happiness and a situation of disagreement might arise with the life partner.


This is the 14th nakshatra of the constellation and due to the effect of mars it is considered as dominated by pitt pradhan. In the first and second phase of this nakshatra comes the lower abdomen. In the third and fourth phase comes the kidneys, lumbar region, hernia, lower part of the spinal cord and nerve flow. Along with this forehead, head and neck are considered as the body parts of this nakshatra. If this nakshatra is affected then the native might suffer from problems related to these parts.


The association of this nakshatra with mars makes the person associated with many adventurous works. He might join police or army. Mercury being the rashi of this nakshatra, the native has the capability to become a lawyer. It there is moon or venus along with mars then the native might have an attractive personality. According to the nakshatra the native has the capability to become an architect. Natives born in this nakshatra has the special quality to do hand related works. This quality associates them to creativity and graphics. He takes interest in music and tries to get extra knowledge in these fields. Jewellery designing and writing are some of the fields in which the natives of this nakshatra can work.

First phase of Chitra nakshatra

If moon comes in the first phase of this nakshatra then the native might have soft body, fair complexion and long height. They might be aggressive by nature. The native might be arrogant also. Their eyes are full of relief. They might have long and fuller arms and brown coloured pores. The shoulders might be a little bent. They might have argument with their brother and might have more daughters as children.

Second phase of Chitra nakshatra

If moon comes in the second phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have to stay away from home for a longer period. They might have a soft body and achieves fame also. They might be clever and an expert. They might be an expert in writing. They might get profits in foreign land. They might get affected by pituitary problems or severe illness.

Third phase of Chitra nakshatra

If moon comes in the third phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have fair complexion, big eyes and face. He knows about shastra and might be intelligent. He might speak slowly and is satisfied with less profit. He might be short tempered and seeks praise from others. They might be an expert in saving money. They might be efficient in selling goods.

Fourth phase of Chitra nakshatra

If moon comes in the fourth phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have big and round eyes. The teeth might be a little disshaped. They believe in charity and serves their Gurus seriously. They might have a slim waist and long and joint eyebrows. They might have red wheatish complexion. They might have to suffer a lot to achieve something in life.

Words for names according to Chitra nakshatra

If the first phase of chitra nakshatra, is between 00:23:20 to 00:26:40, then the word is Pe.

If the second phase of chitra nakshatra, is between 00:26:40 to 00:30:00, then the word is Po.

If the third phase of chitra nakshatra, is between 00:00:00 to 00:03:20, then the word is Ra.

If the fourth phase of chitra nakshatra, is between 00:03:20 to 00:06:40, then the word is Ri.

Veda Mantra for Chitra nakshatra

Om TwashtaTureeyo Adhut Indraangi PushtiVardhanam.

DwiPadaPadaayah ChChhand IndriyaMuksha Gautra VayoDadhuh,

TwashDrenamah, Om Vishwa Karmane Namah.


Worshipping Goddess Durga and Bhavani is considered beneficial for the natives of this nakshatra. By worshipping Shakti all the bad effects are removed and the native gets good results. By reciting Durga Saptashati path, the native can conquer its enemies. Visiting Shakti peethas and reciting all the names of Devi are considered beneficial for them. Wearing multi coloured clothes and clothes having pictures of flowers is considered beneficial for them.

Other elements of Chitra nakshatra

Nakshatra- Chitra

Zodiac Sign- Virgo-2, Libra-2

Vaishya- Male

Yoni- Tiger

Mahavair- Cow

Ruling Lord- Mercury-2, Venus-2

Gan- Devil

Nadi- Madhya

Element- Earth-2, Wind-2

Behaviour- Soft

Nakshatra God- Vishwakarma

Panchasala Vedha- Purva Bhadrapad