Predictions for Bharani Nakshatra Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani nakshatra is the second nakshatra in astrology. It is formed by the combination of three stars. They form the shape of female part, that is why it is sometimes represented as triangle or a boat. This nakshatra tells about life-death and works related to travel. bharani nakshatra comes under aries sun sign. This nakshatra starts at 00:13:20 and ends at 00:26:40 in the aries sun sign. The ruling lord of this nakshatra is venus. The god of this nakshatra is Yam.

Bharani Nakshatra- Body and personality traits.

The native of bharani nakshatra is of medium height, long neck and beautiful eyes. The native is capable of depicting it’s feelings through his eyes. If the neck is small, the face is round.

The native of this nakshatra is affected by venus and mars planets. The person of this nakshatra are determined and are always stand by their words. They do all of their work with full dedication and in their own way. The health of these natives is generally on a better side. They always speak truth and lead a happy life.

One of the quality of the natives of bharani nakshatra is that they complete the work for which they take full responsibility. They do every work with full dedication. Completing work on time and quickly is one of the main quality of these people. Many experts believe that the natives of this nakshatra eat less. These people express their love easily and are the masters of charming personality. The natives of this nakshatra are more interested in works that involve amusement. They have a poor reputation because of their behaviour. They want to earn success quickly. They are afraid of water most of the time. They don’t stay away from alcoholic substances.

Many experts believe that if bharani nakshatra is giving negative effects, then the native might speak lies. The natives of this nakshatra don’t care about the purity of the substances. They have the capability to extract money from others. They can even turn enemies into friends through their behaviour.

Family Life

The life of bharani nakshatra natives is full of ups and downs. Their excitement and enthusiasm helps in solving their problems. They have attraction towards family, and they always keep on maintaining these relationships. They are affected more by the female members. Tensions might be witnessed in married life despite good coordination and love between partners. Your life partner may be careless in matters related to finances.


bharani nakshatra is the second nakshatra in astrology. In the main part of this nakshatra comes the, head, inner part of the head and eyes. If it is present in the birth horoscope or is in transit affected by it, then the native might face problems related to body parts. Head and sole are it’s element parts. Due to the presence of fire it has pita element. Due to this the body is also affected.


bharani nakshatra is also called as the nakshatra of stability. It comes out as a winner out of the two personalities. You will be able to perform better in works related to administration and business. You can also represent well in works related to music and art. bharani nakshatra is known as the nakshatra of ancestral tribe. They have a happy go lucky nature and don’t follow the societal norms. They love to work in a different manner.

Blood bank comes under this nakshatra. The people who tests blood comes under this nakshatra. Hangman, butchers, rioters, police, custom officers, grains dealers comes under this nakshatra. The natives of this nakshatra are in the business of magic, entertainment, science, toy makers and sport equipments dealers. They may also be working in the business of publishing books related to kids and and education.

First phase of Bharani nakshatra

If moon is present in the first phase of bharani nakshatra, then the person is healthy, have small but attractive eyes like an elephant and might have a fat nose. There head is raised from both sides just like an elephant, and the upper part of the native might be slightly heavy. They might have heavy eyebrows and the pores of the body are big and rough. They might have light hair.

Second phase of Bharani nakshatra

If moon is present in the second phase of bharani nakshatra, then the native might have wheatish complexion and soft body. The body might have heaviness, eyes might depict glow, and waist might have more flesh and loose. Stomach may be loose, but chest and legs might be strong. They might have loose shoulders. They are always ready to speak and are also talkative. They might be of timid nature.

Third phase of Bharani nakshatra

If moon is present in the third phase of bharani nakshatra, than the person might be of agile nature. The person may look innocent, but from within they might be cold hearted. The person might have a huge built up, and might be in contact with females. The person might marry someone who is greedy and is of playful nature.

Fourth phase of Bharani nakshatra

If moon is present in the fourth phase of bharani nakshatra, then the person is of aggressive nature. The native might have a face like a monkey. They might have a habit of lying and might also be talkative. They care about friendship, hair might be rough and brown. The person might be affected by secret diseases.

Words for names for Bharani nakshatra

If the first phase of bharani nakshatra, is between 00:13:20 to 00:16:40, then the word is Li.

If the second phase of bharani nakshatra, is between 00:16:40 to 00:20:00, then the word is Lu.

If the third phase of bharani nakshatra, is between 00:20:00 to 00:23:20, then the word is Le.

If the fourth phase of bharani nakshatra, is between 00:23:20 to 00:26:40, then the word is Lo.

Veda Mantra of Bharani nakshatra

Om YamaYatwa MakhaYatwa SooryyaSyatwa Tapse DevSyatwa,

SavitaMadhva Naktu Prithvya Sa Gwwam SparshSpaahiArchiRasi,

ShochRasi Tposi.


The native of bharani nakshatra should do pooja of Yamraj and Maa Kaali. If the native works in the time when the moon is in transit in bharani nakshatra, then it might prove beneficial for the native.

Other elements of Bharani nakshatra

Nakshatra- Bharani

Zodiac Sign- Aries

Vaishya- Quadraple

Yoni- Elephant

Mahavair- Leo

Ruling Lord- Mars

Gan- Human

Nadi- Aadi

Element- Fire

Behaviour- Aggressive

Nakshatra God- Yamraj

Panchshala Veda- Anuradha