Predictions for Ashwini Nakshatra Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is the first nakshatra in astrology. The expansion of zeros to 13 degrees to 20 position in the bhachakra comes under the control of Ashwini Nakshatra.

Ashwini Nakshatra is a combination of 2 stars, but according some other opinions it is a combination of 3 stars, which makes the shape of 2 horses face.

Ashwini Nakshatra- Body and personality traits

People born in this nakshatra are likely to be like horses. They have a beautiful face and an attractive personality. They have big and sparkling eyes. Their is slightly big and have a broad forehead. They love to dress up. If the person is male, then it becomes the point if attraction for females. They love creative and beautiful jewellery.

The person born under this nakshatra are quiet and love peace. But, some people can be stubborn also. They work quietly and don’t tell anyone about their work. You can sacrifice your everything for the person you love the most. You try to keep calm in unfavourable situations. You are always ready to help people in need.

Natives born under this nakshatra are considered intelligent. They listen to things properly and then understand it and finally implement it. They don’t trust things blindly, rather they use their your intelligence in exploring the facts. They so every work with precision and within time. They can attract people with their way of talking. They are truthful and are of secretive behaviour. These people are of independent nature and likes to think independently.

People with this nakshatra loves to walk fast. They love their self respect. They do not tolerate injustice and they like to raise their voice against it. They do what they love. They are not influenced by others in making their decisions. You have your own way of thinking. You complete work that you take in your hands and don’t care about the results. You have faith in God, but doesn’t believe in superstitions. You are not conservative and support modern ideas. Though you are very smart, but sometimes you give importance to unwanted things. You try to make the environment favourable according to your specifications.

Family Life

The natives born in this nakshatra, love their family members, but the family members might not like them because of their rude behaviour. You neither get much love and affection from your father nor any kind of care. Your maternal uncle will help you in achieving success in life. Outsiders might also provide help to you. The possibility of marriage is between 26 to 30 years of age.


Your health is normal, but you might face headache and health related problems. To improve your health you can perform Ashwini Nakshatra pooja. You will get health benefits after performing this pooja. Experts believe that if Ashwini nakshatra is the birth nakshatra, and is in malefic position, then the person should worship amla tree. Knee is the organ of this nakshatra. Since it represents Vata, it might affect your health.

Ashwini Nakshatra- Business

The natives born in this nakshatra are usually considered as an expert in doing every work. They may be lovers of music and history. You take tensions of even small matters. You fulfill all your requirements by working continuously. People with this nakshatra mainly work in government job and even get help from the government. The God of Ashwini nakshatra is Ashwini Kumar, that’s why the natives of this nakshatra are interested in ayurveda and old and natural treatments.

If the people of this nakshatra are into business, then they love making contacts with influential people. They only like well mannered people from their clients. They can be traders of horse, doctors of horse or jockeys. In the present time they are the people who love working on vehicles. They may be dealers of beauty products, involved in advertising sector or can be even doctors.

First phase of Ashwini Nakshatra

If the Ashwini nakshatra is present in the first phase of moon, then the person has a long face. He has prominent earlobes and small nose. He has small hands, heavy voice, normal face characteristics, small eyes, and has a thin body with less fat.

Second phase of Ashwini Nakshatra

If the Ashwini nakshatra is present in the second phase of moon, then the person might have heavy shoulders and lot of flesh in the body. He may have heavy arms, long face, wheatish nose, ankles will be less prominent, small forehead, big and clear eyes and will have softness in voice.

Third phase of Ashwini Nakshatra

If th Ashwini nakshatra is present in the third phase of moon, then the person might face partial baldness, will have fair complexion, might have a habit of moving arms away from the body, will have beautiful eyes, smooth nose, will be efficient in speaking, thin thighs, and less prominent knees.

Fourth phase of Ashwini Nakshatra

If the Ashwini Nakshatra is present in the fourth phase, then the person might have impatient eyes, disillusioned vision, eyes reflect power. He might have small nose, less attractive legs, hard toes, rough hair, and lot of flesh in the body.

Words for names according to Ashwini Nakshatra

If the first phase of Ashwini nakshatra, is between 00:00:00 to 00:03:20, then the word is Ch.

If the second phase of Ashwini nakshatra, is between 00:03:00 to 00:06:40, then the word is Che.

If the third phase of Ashwini nakshatra, is between 00:06:40 to 00:10:00, then the word is Cho.

If the fourth phase of Ashwini nakshatra, is between 00:010:00 to 00:13:20, then the word is L.

Veda Mantra for Ashwini Nakshatra

Om Ashwino TejSaaChakshoo Praanen Saraswati,

Veeryyam VaaChendro BalenenDraay DhadhuRendriyam,

Om Ashwini KumaaraBhyo Namah.


People with Ashwini nakshatra should worship lord Ganesha. Along with this if moon is moving on the directions and month of Ashwini nakshatra then it might prove beneficial for you.

Other elements of Ashwini Nakshatra

Nakshatra- Ashwini

Zodiac Sign- Aries

Vaishya- Fourth

Yoni- Horse

Mahavair- Mahish

Ruling Lord- Mars

Gan- Deva

Nadi- Aadi

Element- Fire

Behaviour- Sophisticated

Nakshatra God- Ashwini Kumar

Panchasala Vedh - Purva Phalguni