Predictions for Ashlesha Nakshatra Nakshatra

Ashlesha Nakshatra

In astrology ashlesha nakshatra is the 9th nakshatra. It extends from 106:40 degrees to 120:00 degrees in the constellation. The gandmool of this nakshatra is also called as ‘sarpmool’. This nakshatra is considered poisonous. The deity of this nakshatra is a serpent. The zodiac owner is moon and nakshatra owner is mercury. Since the nakshatra owner is mercury, so the native of this nakshatra is affected by moon and mercury. This nakshatra is a combination of 5 stars which form like a wheel. Ashlesha nakshatra can be seen in the morning since it is near the sun.

Ashlesha nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The native of this nakshatra is medium built, and might have square or round face. Lips and mouth might be a little big. Might have a yellowish complexion and sparkling eyes. Due to the effect of mercury they have a beautiful body and personality. They might have 2 personalities like soft with others but tough from inside. They might be talkative also. They have high influencing powers and due to this they can get their work done easily. They can influence others by playing with words. The natives born in this nakshatra have good leadership qualities.

According to this nakshatra the natives in this nakshatra are intelligent and opportunistic. They can not trust others easily. They are stubborn by nature and don’t listen to others easily. The native of this nakshatra has more influence of naag devta. Due to this the person is relatively angry. They lack patience and stability and they try to engage themselves in something or the other.

They don’t have pre planned format for themselves. Their life is like a floating river. They always work towards completing their work, but for some reason if they are not able to achieve what they want, then they become upset and try to maintain a distance from the world. The females born in ashlesha nakshatra have a normal complexion but have an attractive personality. They are well cultured and respect everyone in the society. They are very fortunate for the house they live in and Goddess Lakshmi resides in that house and the house gets filled with wealth.


They are connected by heart with the members of the family. They are aware of their responsibility towards the family. If they are the older member of the family, then they have more responsibilities and they fulfil them also. But in this situation they can’t get full support from their life partner. They know how to manage their house. They should be a little careful from their in-laws side as small disagreements can lead to problem s in their relations.


This is the 9th nakshatra and its ruling lord is mercury.The body parts that comes under this nakshatra are lungs, oesophagus, liver, middle part of the stomach and pancreas. They might get affected with diseases like joint pains, hysteria, jaundice and indigestion. If this nakshatra is affected than the native might suffer from diseases related to these body parts. The native might also suffer from the risk of mental disturbance. Bone treaty, elbow, knee, nail and ear are related to Ashlesha Nakshatra. When this nakshatra is affected, the native might suffer from problems related to these body parts.


The ruling lord of this nakshatra is mercury and mercury is considered as the agent of knowledge. It is also a pragmatic planet due to which the person born in this constellation can become a successful businessman, a clever advocate, or a master of speech. The native of ashlesha nakshatra have the capability to become successful businessman. They love doing business rather than working as a service man. Due to this reason if by chance they get involved in service sector, they can not stay for long and if they continue to work in their service they involve themselves in some business also.

The native of this nakshatra are good and knowledgeable writers. Due to their tactics they can become good speakers also. Because of their proficiency in speech they can leave a mark on others and people are easily impressed by them. They also have a desire to listen to their praise from everyone and they can not stop talking about themselves. They have nice wealth with them and their life is rich in glory. They have a nice decision making powers which leads them to success.

First phase of Ashlesha nakshatra

If moon is present in the first phase of ashlesha nakshatra, then the native of this nakshatra has big body and clean eyes. They have a magic in their eyes and are attractive also. They are magnificent and have a fair complexion. They might have beautiful nose and big teeth. They might be an expert in speaking. They have the capability to influence others. They are wealthy and get benefit from vehicles.

Second phase of Ashlesha nakshatra

If moon is present in the second phase of ashlesha nakshatra, then the native is round, hair can be scattered and is less romantic. They might stay in other people’s home and might have a structure like that of a crow. The native might get affected with diseases easily.

Third phase of Ashlesha nakshatra

If moon is present in the third phase of ashlesha nakshatra, then the native might have a protruding head. He might not work according to its capabilities. They might have an attractive face and arms. They might walk slowly also. They might suffer from skin diseases and might have a flat nose.

Fourth phase of Ashlesha nakshatra

If moon is present in the fourth phase of ashlesha nakshatra then the native might have fair complexion and eyes like a fish. They might have more flesh on their body. They might have soft legs and heavy thighs and thin ankles and knees. They might have a long chin, and heavy and broad chest.

Words for names according to Ashlesha nakshatra

If the first phase of ashlesha nakshatra, is between 00:16:40 to 00:20:00, then the word is Di.

If the second phase of ashlesha nakshatra, is between 00:20:00 to 00:23:20, then the word is Du.

If the third phase of ashlesha nakshatra, is between 00:23:20 to 00:26:40, then the word is De.

If the fourth phase of ashlesha nakshatra, is between 00:26:40 to 00:30:00, then the word is Do.

Veda Mantra for Ashlesha nakshatra

Om Namostu SarpeBhyoye Ke Chah PrithviManuH,

Ye Antriksheiy Yo DiviTebhyah SarpeBhyo Namah,

Om SarpeBhyo Namah.


To prevent themselves from the negative effects of ashlesha nakshatra, the native should feed milk to snakes and do ‘sarp pujan’. Alongwith this worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is also considered beneficial. Also reciting "ॐ नम: शिवाय" mantra and ashlesha beej mantra "ॐ गं" is considered beneficial. Wearing colours like white, light blue, yellow and orange are considered beneficial. They can wear a 7 carat emerald in gold ring on early morning of wednesday. The natives of this nakshatra are affected by ‘gandmool’, so the people born in this nakshatra should perform a pooja to calm down the ‘gandmool’ nakshatra.

Other elements of ashlesha nakshatra

Nakshatra- Ashlesha

Zodiac Sign- Cancer

Vaishya- Water creature

Yoni- Cat

Mahavair- Mouse

Ruling Lord- Moon

Gan- Devil

Nadi- Antya

Element- Water

Behaviour- Aggressive

Nakshatra God- Snake

Panchasala Vedha- Ghanishtha