Predictions for Aardra Nakshatra Nakshatra

Aardra Nakshatra

Aardra nakshatra holds 6th position out of the total 27 nakshatras.The ruling lord of this nakshatra is rahu. Aardra nakshatra stays from 6 ansh 40 kala to 20 ansh in gemini sign. It is a single star rather than a group of stars. It looks like a stone in the sky. It has a shape of a diamond or thunderbolt. Experts believe it to be as a shining diamond or a teardrop. The colour of this nakshatra is red. According to ancient beliefs, it is said that in this red colour Lord Shiva resides.

Aardra means humidity, or when rain occurs after a warm weather. When Sun transits in this nakshatra, it depicts the end of summer season and beginning of monsoon weather. Many experts associate aardra nakshatra to sweat and teardrop. In reality every type of humidity, cool and wetness all are called aardrata. Forget the past and welcome the new beginnings, is the message of aardra nakshatra. The importance of perseverance, patience, and tolerance are taught by aardra nakshatra. Aardra nakshatra is also called as ‘head of a human’ in many granths.

Aarda nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The natives of aardra nakshatra can be both fat and thin. They have a sharp body. They have attractive eyes and high rise nose. They have an agile behaviour. They are cheerful, arrogant and have a good sense of humour. They suffer sadness also in their life. They have bad thoughts in their mind and are also addicts. The natives gets results according to the position of rahu.

They believe that they are always right and are also aggressive. They treat women with double standards. They become anxious by seeing the indisciplined behaviour of others. They always worry about others. They have a strong and rebellious voice. They are short tempered also.

According to Narad ji, the natives of this nakshatra are efficient in buying and selling. But, according to some experts they are not so efficient in business. They are also efficient in mantras and rituals. Their sexual desire is also very strong. They have the courage to follow one path only. They have a habit of forgetfulness. They evaluate a person according to its character. They become unhappy easily and gets back to the start if the face some indiscrepancies.


The natives get married late and have a stiffness in their behaviour. There may be arguments related to property in the family. Arguments may also arise in married life. Chances of staying away from the family are also foreseen. Destiny has a lot of effect in the native and due to which they might have to face problems related to destiny. After marriage, the native might not get respect from it’s in-laws. Moreover, not much happiness is seen from the children’s side also. Situation of separation or divorce might affect marriage.


The body parts that come under this nakshatra are neck, arms and shoulders. If this nakshatra is affected, then problems related to these body parts might occur. The native might get affected with some incurable diseases also. The native might get diseases like paralysis, heart and teeth, and blood related diseases. Females might get problems related to menstruation. Diseases related to cough and gallbladder might also affect the native. Eyes and front and back part of the forehead are the organs of this nakshatra. This nakshatra is related to to disorders related to air.


There are many businesses that come under this nakshatra. Electrical goods and work related to these comes under this nakshatra. The native might earn good in the field of electronics and computers. Instrumental equipments, knowledge of different languages, photography and computer design works also comes under this nakshatra.

This nakshatra is related to philosophy and thinking. You can become a good medical practitioner. Mind games like chess and riddles might be your field of interest. Psychiatrists, investigators, intelligence agencies, drugs, politics, and scandals are some of the works that comes under this nakshatra.

First phase of Aardra nakshatra

If moon is present in the first phase of this nakshatra, then native might have fair complexion, beautiful nose and red eyes. He might be the owner of medium height and a fuller body. He might have a broad face and black eyebrows. They are intelligent and have an intellectual voice.

Second phase of Aardra nakshatra

If moon is present in the second phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have a beautiful forehead and eyebrows, and might also be of sensual nature. He might have eyes like that of a neelkamal. He might have a wheatish complexion also. They might have a broad chest and might have a soft face with white teeth.

Third phase of Aardra nakshatra

If moon is present in the third phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have a big face. He might have a fat chest with fat arms. The native might have fat nerves and a big head. The native might have an aggressive nature also.

Fourth phase of Aardra nakshatra

If moon is present in the fourth phase of this nakshatra, then the native might have eyes full of sweetness. They might love murmuring also. The middle part of the forehead is a bit bent. The native of this nakshatra has a beautiful body, agile behaviour, beautiful lips and eyes and has a courageous nature.

Words for names according to Aardra nakshatra

If the first phase of Aardra nakshatra, is between 00:06:40 to 00:10:00, then the word is Ku.

If the second phase of Aardra nakshatra, is between 00:10:00 to 00:13:20, then the word is Gh.

If the third phase of Aardra nakshatra, is between 00:13:20 to 00:16:40, then the word is D.

If the fourth phase of Aardra nakshatra, is between 00:16:40 to 00:20:00, then the word is Ch.

Veda Mantra for Aardra nakshatra

Om Namaste Rudra ManyavUtot Ishve Namah,

BaahuBhyaam Mutate Namah, Om Rudraay Namah.


People with aardra nakshatra should worship lord Shiva. They should recite Shiva panchashri mantra,’Om Namah Shivaya’. Observing a fast on monday and reciting the mantras will prove beneficial for the native. If moon is in transit in this nakshatra, then the native should organise a kirtan of lord Shiva as this might prove successful and wealthy for them.

Other elements of Aardra nakshatra

Nakshatra- Aardra

Zodiac Sign- Gemini

Vaishya- Male

Yoni- Dog

Mahavair- Deer

Ruling Lord- Mercury

Gan- Human

Nadi- Aadi

Element- Wind

Behaviour- Aggressive

Nakshatra God- Shiva

Panchasala Vedha- Purvashana