Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Virgo

Virgo Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have full forehead, hair swept back and falling about the ears, inclined to baldness on the top of the head. You will have grey or blue eyes, straight nose and wide shoulders. Your walk will be active and voice will be quiet and pleasing with which you will create desired impression.

Virgo Mental Qualities
You will be overly systematic and perfectly methodical. You will be learned scholar searching after knowledge for attaining perfection. You will be religious-minded, fond of the occult and will treat pious people with great respect. You will be an ardent collector, benevolent, inclined to art and literature. You will be very critical, attentive to minutest of details and exceptionally precise.

Virgo Special Characteristics
You will have a long life and have interest in study of theoretical/ analytical sciences and applications-oriented subjects like Technology or Engineering. You may experience privation or restraint at times, which may make you secretive. You will have a patient nature.

You will be a person of kind disposition, genial or vivacious nature, full of bright dialogue and allusions. You may be artistic or literary person with familiarity with the stage or the artistic world. You will have a love for philosophy and belles-lettres. Possibility of domestic disputes and falling off family fortune may turn you "inward" and philosophic / religious-minded.

You will be a person of active habits and have a genuine, versatile disposition. You will gain honours and rank by your own merits and will acquire property. You will be apt in the sciences and dexterous arts, disposed to the study of medicine and hygiene. You will be very particular in respect of diet and clothing. Your nature is quick and alert and you may have many changes of residence.