Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Leo

Leo Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have stout physique with broad shoulders. You will be sunny cheerful disposition, will have fearless eyes of grey tint, wavy hair with receding hairline. You will walk upright and talk straight. On the whole, you will have a right royal disposition.

Leo Mental Qualities
You will be ambitious, generous, faithful, fearless and proud. You will be rich in life and feeling, and will be openly opposed to cliques, secrecy and underhand actions. You have the broadness of the mind and will be oblivious to enmity.

Leo Special Characteristics
You will have a strong, careful, forcible and watchful nature. You are laborious and possess and austere uncontrollable character. Domestic infelicity may make you distrustful of others and you may get entangled in hazardous speculations. Your pride may border on to vain gloriousness which you may curtail by exercising your will-force. You are apt to assert your independence at opportune moments, and accrue benefits.

You will have a fortunate and profitable nature, and kind humane disposition. You will have gains and legacies and success through marriage and partnership / collaboration. You will have warm sympathies and a dutiful family. You will have artistic faculty, plenty of confiance-en-soi and an inclination to form rather than colour. One of your off-springs could be source of pride and joy to your family.

You have a strong, forceful nature and a ersonality capable of desiring command. You are frank, open-minded and generous in disposition. You have an adventurous spirit, inclined to exploits and hazardous feats. You will gain through inheritance and acquire properties in a rather late age.