Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Gemini

Gemini Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will be a tall, slender, elegant person with long fingers, straight nose, wide forehead and fine expressive eyes. You will be much occupied and somewhat restless. You will have the gift of eloquence, will move fast and will be widely travelled.

Gemini Mental Qualities
You will be well-read and learned. You will have versatility and will be dextrous in the manual crafts. You will be subtle and artistic, curious and inventive. You will have proficiency in writing and have good command in many languages. You will be mpressive and humane.

Gemini Special Characteristics
You will have sharp intellect, humane nature and generous disposition. You will possess a high degree of self-esteem and brimming confidence, you will be capable of rising in life by dint of merit alone. You will have oratorical capacity and a taste for judicial or legal pursuits. Literature and journalism may be of special interest to you.

You will be somewhat argumentative nature, which may lead to strifes. You are fond of discussions and travelling. You will have acute facilities and varied interests. In early years, your interests are apt to be misplaced and faculties unwisely applied. Through acts of indiscretion you may be misunderstood as a quarrelsome person. You will gain favours from martial persons and may be prone to fever or sickness.

You will have brilliance of intellect and hallow of fame. You will have success in the study of literature and science. Being an intent observer of human nature, you may have eventual success in literary pursuits. In-spite of being restless you are attentive to the consistent details. You may have success in artistic pursuits also.