Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Aries

Aries Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have a bony or angular face adorning a distinctive mark like a scar or mole. You will have broad temples, narrow chin, sandy wiry hair and greyish eyes.

Aries Mental Qualities
You will have ambition with a desire for prominence. You will be courageous which at times - due to your impulsive nature - may even be audacious. You will be enterprising with an unique ingenuity of your own.

Aries Special Characteristics
You will have an aggressive spirit and will have an interest in social work and political activities. You are disposed to injury in the head and face ( left side if male, right side if female.

You may join military service or acquire success through pioneer work. Your life will be changeful and remarkable in many ways.

You will have a proud and haughty nature, will be aspiring and ambitious. You will have interest in practical arts, and will be generous and extravagant. Although impulsive and critical, you will be courteous. You may be in government service and will secure favours from big shots.

You will be a bright person, highly passionate, pleasure-loving and fairly adept in art and poetry. Your nature will be kind and generous, but very impulsive and over-ardent. With your warm and sparkling disposition. You will have many friends.