Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Scorpio

Scorpio Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have a dusky complexion and dark curling hair which is unusually thicker at the temples. You may have some afflictions in the lower part of the body ( right side in case of male and left side in case of female ). You will have prominent brows, sharp facial angles and aquiline features.

Scorpio Mental Qualities
You will be bold, confident, daring and fond of strifes. You will be sarcastic, wilful, impulsive and determined. Your views will be pre-set and fixed, mind will be subtle. You will be fond of mysteries, will have an interest in the occult. You may be engaged in the researches. You may be an expert in the poisonous chemicals and forensic equipments / materials / procedures.

Scorpio Special Characteristics
Your nature is strong, forceful and energetic, capable of immense feats of prowess and endurance. In strife, you will be implacable, scorning defeat. You will be highly ambitious with a strong spirit of conquest. You will have queer and impulsive love-affairs, which may lead you to tricky situations to face the music. You will have some devoted followers who could accept you as someone born to command and conquer.

Your spirit is proud and haughty, and you are replete with masterful and governing qualities. You will find the gates of honours and dignities open for you as you pass through the journey of life. However, if not checked, you could be tyrannical and extremely cruel. You will be highly reputed, even famous in your walk of life.

You passions are quick and volatile which, however, needs to be bridled. With your great passionate devotion you are prone to folly in love-affairs. Possibilities of pre- and post- marital love-affairs may lead you to dive in hot soup. You may have openly enmic people among male, and secretly enmic people among female, friends and acquaintances. You should divert your excess energy in some creative channels which would bear fruits in time.