Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Sagittarius

Sagittarius Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have a tall, upright and well-proportioned figure. You will have an elongated face, rounded forehead with grey, brown or blue eyes - sparkling and expressive. You will have fair complexion and receding hairline balding about the temples. You will be of athletic building and will be fond of athletics and other expeditious activities.

Sagittarius Mental Qualities
You will be inclined to philosophy and religion, eclectic. You will not have much of interest in the intricacies of analytical sciences. Rather than becoming a store-house of information, you will acquire the superior capacity to have a quick overview of varied circumstances. You will be just, frank, generous, magnanimous and even-tempered.

Sagittarius Special Characteristics
You will have a sober mind, good judgment and a quick intellect. But richness of intellect and lack of concern for method may lead you to profusion and disorder. You will have versatility and capacity of general work. You will have a few enemies - sort of jealous people - but will always remain a victor over the vanquished. You will have studies in the fields of arts, literature, law and philosophy.

You will have restless activities of mind, together with the rich creative power. You will have much romance, fertile imagination and life in foreign / distant lands. These may conduce to high renown and give wealth and good fortune. You are likely to gain through an inheritance or a legacy.

Your chief characteristics are philosophical and literary pursuits and in-depth researches of a scientific nature. You have a taste for lofty speculation and your strong passions are well-controlled. Your mind will be philosophical and the temperament sober. Although riches will be difficult to acquire in initial stages, riches are certain to you. You will have a few steadfast friends.