Your Lagna (Ascendant) is Capricorn

Capricorn Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have prominent features, oblong tip nose, firm lips and narrow chin. You will have narrow neck, small ear lobes, dark and thin hair. You may sport a small beard. There might be some afflictions involving your knees ( right side in case of male and left side in case of female ).

Capricorn Mental Qualities
You will be changeable, wilful and strong in purpose. You will be reserved, quite and reclusive. You will be very ambitious, having a desire for governing. You are forcible in action, and you are sure to reap the harvest of your invested endeavours and eagerly-awaited timely actions.

Capricorn Special Characteristics
You are masterful and ambitious, but often your mind gets beclouded with doubts. You are not very broad-minded because of being a strong sectarian and disposed to religious austerities. You are a believer in the occult, even could be a fatalist. You have a high degree of self-confidence and reasonably high ambition. Advantage-seeking relatives and friends may cause you weep silently. You have a strong religious feeling and are capable of arousing a worthy ideal.

You keynotes are conquests after conquests. You will have the acme of forceful self-assertion, intense ambition and glowing enthusiasm. You may achieve military honours easily. Your friends will be numerous and your enemies will also not be very few. You are capable of extreme energy which, if not controlled, may make you cruel and despotic; your rivals may then threaten your rank and position. With moderation and prudence, you will secure high honours and widespread fame.

Your disposition is proud, austere and somewhat lacking in warmth. Your spirit is melancholic and you are disposed to be pessimistic unless you try to overcome these by exercising 'will-force'. You should avoid risky investments and speculations altogether. As soon as you appear 'no-longer self-centred', you will gain wider sympathies, and you will find that almost everything is taking a turn in the very desired direction.