You have Vasuki Kalsarp Dosha in your kundali

Kalsarp Yoga Your kundli has Rahu in the third house and Ketu in the ninth house. The Kalsarp Yoga of this variety is called the Vasuki Kalsarp Yoga.

You might face challenges related to your profession. There will be some disappointments and you will have to work hard to overcome the obstacles in your professional life. Be tenacious and you will yet achieve a high station in life.

Remember, the Kalsarp yoga is not the only combination in your chart. If you have other positive combinations (yogas), there will have a positive impact and the negative effects of the Kalsarp yoga will be limited.

Remedies For Kalsarp Dosha

- Worship the Rudra avatar of lord Shiva.
- Wear Gomed and Cat’s eye gemstones.
- Wear a kalsarpa ring. Shaped like a snake.

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