cancer rashi

What is Cancer Lagna (Ascendent)?

The ascendent (Lagna) sign rising on the eastern horizon cancer is the Fourth House of Kalpurush Kundli starts from 90°to 120°

What are the characteristics of Cancer Lagna?

  1. They are emotional, highly imaginative and honest.
  2. They are unpredictable as they are ruled by the Moon.
  3. They love their family and expect the same in return.
  4. They have a soft corner for their mother.
  5. They are contented when they are amongst close relations.
  6. They like to reside in a place surrounded by water.
  7. They are helpful creatures and they will go all out to help others.
  8. They connect with people socially, but not very easily.
  9. They feel secure once they develop faith.
  10. Jupiter is exalted at 3 cancer and if placed can elevate the native.
  11. Professional education, medical and human resource development are good fields for them.

What is the symbol for Cancer sign?

  1. The Crab symbolises Cancer.
  2. Similar to a crab, Cancerians are unaware of where they are heading.
  3. They find their way in due course of time.
  4. They understand their power only when forced by a situation.

What is the ruling planet of Cancer?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

What is the element of Cancer sign?

Water is the element of Cancer.

What are the body parts ruled by Cancer?

  1. Chest
  2. Breast
  3. Stomach

What does it mean to be a Cancer?

  1. Cancerians are quiet and peaceful similar to their element water.
  2. They are unstoppable once they realise the potential they have.
  3. They are passionate, honest and creative.
  4. Being sentimental, they seek gentle, loving and understanding partners.
  5. They are fond of their blood relations.

What signs are most compatible with Cancer?

Most compatible signs for cancer are :

  1. Taurus
  2. Capricorn
  3. Scorpio
  4. Pisces

They can also go along with Leo and Sagittarius with some adjustments as these are fiery signs yet friendly.

What signs are not compatible with Cancer?

  1. Aries
  2. Gemini
  3. Libra
  4. Aquarius

Aries is a fiery sign and all others are airy.

What are the traits of a Cancer sign?

Cancerians are sensitive, original, accord loving and family oriented. They like to help others, especially those close to their heart.

  1. Like a mother, they have nurturing qualities.
  2. On the negative side, they are moody, pessimistic, suspicious and insecure.
  3. It’s difficult to control and understand them when they are in a negative mood.
  4. Like water, they may break all barriers once they get out of hand.

What kind of person is a Cancer sign?

  1. Cancer sign represents a person who looks after others.
  2. They love their mother and can’t listen of anything against their mothers.
  3. Their temperament is varied like the moon waxing and waning.

What are the strengths of a Cancer sign?

  1. They are ingenious, instinctive and dedicated to their work.
  2. They are very off-beat in whatever they do and that is their strength.
  3. They are known for their quality of work.
  4. They are very good listeners and are good counselors.
  5. They are great friends and will go all out in the hour of need.
  6. Harmonious relations and good friend form their backbone.

What are the weaknesses of a Cancer sign?

Cancerians are affected easily, they don’t reveal their inner mindset to anyone.

  1. Mood swings are very frequent that is why they are difficult to understand.
  2. They are watchful and weak at manipulations.

How will Cancer Friends and family life be?


  1. They socialise but only in a native atmosphere.
  2. They will enter into a new friendship but with reluctance.
  3. They will view a relationship from the soul.
  4. They form a strong and intimate friendship slowly.
  5. They communicate well and are compassionate.


  1. Cancerians care about their home and family more than any other sign.
  2. They are very attached to their family members
  3. They are wonderful parents

How will be the Cancer career and money be?


  1. They are honest and loyal at their workplace
  2. They are committed and dedicated at work.
  3. They will always give quality output.
  4. They know the value of time and will meet deadlines.
  5. They will work almost flawlessly


  1. Cancerians earn money easily
  2. They manage their finances well
  3. They are not spendthrift and believe in savings.
  4. They mostly spend at household.
  5. They do not exercise their rights assertively.

Who is Cancer attracted to?

Cancerians are attracted to

  1. Taurus
  2. Capricorn
  3. Pisces

What is the personality of a Cancer man?

  1. Touchy by nature he will take initiative only once he is sure.
  2. They are conservative and will select a life partner after careful evaluation.
  3. They prefer being close to their kith and kin.
  4. They are erratic and sometimes difficult to understand.
  5. They expect their partners to initiate.

How to attract a Cancer man?

  1. A Cancer man is attracted by a good heart.
  2. They nurture deep feelings and are difficult to understand at times.