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What is Sagittarius Lagna (Ascendent)?

The ascendent sign rising on the eastern horizon Sagittarius is the ninth house of Kalpurush Kundli starts from 240°to 270°.

What are the characteristics of Sagittarius Lagna?

  1. They are generous and idealistic.
  2. They are curious and energetic.
  3. They are serene and philosophical.
  4. They are self-reliant and strong.
  5. They are not stereotype and try new ways.
  6. They love adventure and travel.
  7. They expand their horizons and keep learning.
  8. They understand others feelings well.
  9. On the negative side, they are impatient and blunt.
  10. They are sometimes careless and superficial.
  11. They are over-confident.

Jupiter is the Lord of Sagittarius. It's also the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter. It's a fire sign which signifies stamina, self-reliance and daredevilry. It is the Karaka for second, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses.

What is the symbol for Sagittarius sign?

  1. The symbol of Sagittarius is an archer with a bow and an arrow.
  2. As per its symbol, a Sagittarius is brave and result oriented.
  3. They are open-minded and always keen to learn more.
  4. They have a good sense of humour

What is the ruling planet of Sagittarius?

The Ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

What is the Element of Sagittarius sign?

Its element or Tatwa is fire

What are the body parts ruled by Sagittarius?

The body parts controlled by Sagittarius are thighs, hips, arteries and nerves.

What does it mean to be Sagittarius?

  1. Sagittarius have energy and initiative
  2. They are completely focused.
  3. They like thrill and seek the unknown.
  4. They prefer to take the offbeat route.
  5. Their learning capabilities are quite high.
  6. They are honest and blunt.
  7. They are the happiest zodiac sign.

What signs are most compatible with Sagittarius?

Most compatible sign for Sagittarius are :

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Gemini

What signs are not compatible with sagittarius?

  1. Taurus
  2. Virgo
  3. Pisces

What are the traits of a Sagittarius sign?

  1. It's a fire sign.
  2. Ruling Lord is Jupiter.
  3. It’s a mutable sign.
  4. They make lovely, mature and understanding partners.

What kind of person is a Sagittarius sign?

  1. They are capable with a penchant for learning.
  2. They target their goals well.
  3. They are actively involved in family affairs.
  4. They don’t mind experimenting.
  5. They are good at teaching others.
  6. They are friendly and have warmth.
  7. They are sometimes lazy and tactless.

What are the strengths of a Sagittarius sign?

  1. They are open-minded.
  2. They are an ideal partner.
  3. They like out of the box thinking.
  4. They arrive at decisions quickly.
  5. They are good at preaching and public speaking.

What are the weaknesses of a Sagittarius sign?

  1. They lack patience.
  2. They are audacious.
  3. They can be quite tactless.
  4. They may get lazy and inconsistent.

How will Sagittarius friends and family life be?


  1. They have the ability to attract friends
  2. They are outgoing and fun loving
  3. They cultivate long term friendship
  4. Their innovative brings people flocking to them.


  1. They take very good care of their family.
  2. They provide all help to family members or relations.
  3. They desire harmonious relations at home but not at the cost of their freedom.
  4. They do not hold grudges and move on effortlessly.
  5. They are always ready to spend time with family members.

How will Sagittarius career and money be?


  1. Sagittarians keep work environment friendly and jovial.
  2. They love to greet people with a wide smile.
  3. They work seriously, keeping in mind the objectives.
  4. They are inspiring and lead the team.
  5. They don’t fear change.
  6. They are good as teachers, doctors, financial advisors, travel agents, artists etc.


  1. They love making money.
  2. They have the ability to take risks in money matters.
  3. Money comes to them naturally.
  4. They love to spend on family and friends.

Who is Sagittarius attracted to?

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Gemini

What is the personality of a Sagittarius man?

  1. He is a free and a friendly man.
  2. He is open to new ideas.
  3. He is generous and helping.
  4. He is fun-loving and jolly.
  5. He loves outdoor activities.

How to attract a Sagittarius man?

  1. He is an explorer and loves to take chances.
  2. Inner beauty attracts him more than outer.
  3. Any relation should not hinder his independence.
  4. To seduce a Sagittarius man you need to have patience.

What is the personality of a Sagittarius woman?

  1. She is honest and self-assured.
  2. She has a magnetic personality.
  3. She is gregarious and loves the outside world.
  4. She does not depend on others.
  5. She is not bothered by what others think.
  6. She is passionate when in love.
  7. She takes the lead and considers new things.

How to attract a Sagittarius woman?

  1. You need to have patience if you want to propose this woman.
  2. Don’t come in the way of her personal space.
  3. New environment fascinates her.
  4. She is fond of traveling.
  5. She does not like an insecure partner.
  6. She has many friends and likes to spend time with them.

Who does Sagittarius not get along with?

Sagittarius don’t go along well with

  1. Taurus: It is an earthy sign.
  2. Virgo: It is an earthy sign.
  3. Pisces: It is a water sign.

All of the above signs are not on the same wavelength.

Who should Sagittarius Marry?

Sagittarius get along with

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Gemini

Can Sagittarius Sign be trusted?

  1. They are loyal and honest but simultaneously fire element indicates fickle nature.
  2. A stable relationship can develop only after they settle down emotionally.

What is the lucky colour for Sagittarius?

Orange and Yellow are their lucky colour.

What are the lucky numbers, days and gemstones for Sagittarius?

  1. Lucky numbers: 3, 9
  2. Lucky days: Thursday, Monday and Tuesday
  3. Lucky gemstones: Topaz

What are unlucky numbers, days and gemstones for Sagittarius?

  1. Unlucky numbers: 2, 8
  2. Unlucky days: Wednesday, Friday
  3. Unlucky gemstones: Diamond

What are the likes of a Sagittarius?

  1. They are extroverted and their autonomy is dear to them.
  2. They like to travel and probe novel ideas.

What are the dislikes of a Sagittarius?

  1. This exciting and inquisitive personality does not like to be lectured.
  2. They dislike set theories and procedures.

What is the secret wish of Sagittarius?

  1. They like to set their own rules.
  2. They like to test new avenues and are fast learners.

How to spot a Sagittarius easily?

  1. They are mostly seen in a circle of close friends.
  2. They will be seen asking too many questions because of their curious nature.
  3. Among all the signs they can handle any crisis the best.
  4. They are never sitting idle and constantly on the move.

Sagittarius love and relationships:

  1. Sagittarius represents both, animal instinct and human wisdom.
  2. This sign is a combination of high morals and sex appeal.
  3. They are secure and like their partner to be confident.
  4. Expect them to be agile physically.
  5. They take a lot of time to decide on any long term relationship.
  6. They are one of the luckiest signs.
  7. Their optimism makes them a winner in the end.

Famous Sagittarius personalities and celebrities:

  1. Sean Connery, Mr. James Bond, Hollywood actor of par excellence.
  2. Emperor Hirohito, 124th Emperor of Japan.
  3. Swami Vivekanand, The great Indian saint.
  4. Dhirubhai Ambani, businessman and industrialist.
  5. Bal ram Hegdewar, Founder of RSS.

The Sagittarius as we have known is an honest, independent, explorer sign with a lot of positive qualities.

Like all other signs Sagittarius too have their own set of drawbacks. In their case, they are blunt, tactless and overconfident.