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What is Pisces Lagna (Ascendent)?

The ascendent sign rising on the eastern horizon Pisces is the twelfth house of Kalpurush Kundli starts from 330°to 360°.

What are the characteristics Of Pisces Lagna?

  1. They are creative people.
  2. They are tolerant and compassionate.
  3. They have an intuitive power.
  4. They are sensitive and touchy.
  5. They are drawn by divinity.
  6. They love music.
  7. They are gentle and wise.
  8. They lack the will power
  9. They are lazy.
  10. They are idealistic.
  11. They are fearful and escapist.

Jupiter is the Lord of this sign. Venus gets its exaltation point at 28° and if present there will provide all luxuries and comforts to the native.

Jupiter, it’s Lord is the Karaka for the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses of a horoscope.

What is the symbol for Pisces Sign?

  1. Fish are the symbol of Pisces.
  2. They are shown swimming in the opposite direction depicting duality of the sign.

What is the ruling planet of Pisces?

The ruling planet of Pisces is Jupiter.

What is element of Pisces sign?

Water is the element of Tatwa of Pisces.

What are the body parts ruled by Pisces?

Feet and lymphatic system are controlled by Pisces.

What does it mean to be a Pisces?

  1. Pisces is a mutable sign.
  2. It is a water sign.
  3. They express emotions well.
  4. They are imaginative.
  5. They are spiritually inclined.
  6. They have unknown fears.
  7. They are selfless and forgiving.

What signs are most compatible with Pisces?

Most compatible sign for Pisces are :

  1. Cancer
  2. Virgo
  3. Scorpio

What signs are not compatible with Pisces?

  1. Gemini
  2. Libra
  3. Aquarius

These signs are airy and hence incompatible with the delicate watery sign Pisces.

What are the traits of a Pisces sign?

  1. They understand the psyche of a person.
  2. They have exploratory powers.
  3. They tend to be quiet.
  4. They suffer from low esteem.
  5. It leans towards the metaphysical.

What kind of person is a Pisces sign?

  1. They are ingenious.
  2. They are artistic.
  3. They have imagination.
  4. They love rhythm.
  5. They are big-hearted and helpful.
  6. They are instinctive.
  7. They prefer quality over quantity.
  8. They are deeply connected.
  9. They get anxious and try to ignore reality.

What are the strengths of a Pisces sign?

  1. They adopt well in any circumstances.
  2. They have a large number of friends.
  3. They are benevolent and caring.
  4. They can read right through a person.
  5. They have a good aesthetic sense.
  6. They are compassionate.

What are the weaknesses of a Pisces sign?

  1. They are escapist.
  2. They feel scared easily.
  3. They are lazy.
  4. They trust blindly.
  5. They are dreamy.

How Pisces friends and family life will be?


  1. They are the most considerate friends
  2. They are loyal and devoted.
  3. They are warmhearted.
  4. They are always there in the hour of need.
  5. They understand the inner feelings of their friends.


  1. They are very protective of their family.
  2. They love to spend time with family members.
  3. They can express their true feelings to them.
  4. They communicate well with their family.
  5. They like a stable and harmonious atmosphere in the family.

How will Pisces career and money be?


  1. They are best in professions where their creativity is used.
  2. They have a sixth sense and are fanciful.
  3. Careers fields most ideal for them are architecture, music, writing, teaching.
  4. They are hard workers and dedicated.
  5. They are highly focused on their goals.


  1. They make enough money to fulfill their necessities.
  2. They don’t care much about money.
  3. Money comes naturally to them.

Who is Pisces attracted to?

  1. Cancer
  2. Virgo
  3. Scorpio

What is the personality of a Pisces man?

  1. He is sensitive.
  2. He is nurturing.
  3. He is co-operative.
  4. He is able to decipher a person’s mind
  5. He is generous and supportive.
  6. He is very articulate.
  7. He communicates well.

How to attract a Pisces Man?

  1. He loves the funny side of a person.
  2. He will be able to understand his partner’s emotions well.
  3. He is attracted to the inner beauty of a person.
  4. He does not like being fleeced.

What is the personality of a Pisces Woman?

  1. She is extremely emotional.
  2. She is also sentimental.
  3. She fantasizes about romance.
  4. She makes her home a colourful place.
  5. She is a good counsellor.

How to attract a Pisces Woman?

  1. Be polite and courteous.
  2. Hold a conversation firmly.
  3. Be supportive of her.
  4. Value her kindness.
  5. Convey that you are serious about her.

What does Pisces not get along with?

Capricorn don’t go along well with

  1. Aries is a fire sign and has an aggressive nature.
  2. Leo is a fire sign with lots of ego.
  3. Gemini an air sign making a bittersweet match.

Who should Pisces marry?

Pisces get along with

  1. Taurus
  2. Virgo
  3. Cancer
  4. Scorpio

Can Pisces be trusted?

  1. They are perceptive.
  2. They are trustworthy.
  3. They have a lot of inner turmoil.
  4. The can empathize.

What is the lucky colour of Pisces?

Lucky colours for Pisces are mauve and purple

What are the lucky numbers, days and gemstones for Pisces?

  1. Lucky numbers: 3,9.
  2. Lucky days: Monday, Thursday.
  3. Lucky gemstone: Topaz.

What are the unlucky numbers, days and gemstones for Pisces?

  1. Unlucky numbers: 4, 6.
  2. Unlucky days: Wednesday, Friday.
  3. Unlucky gemstones: Blue Sapphire.

What are the likes of a Pisces?

  1. They like melody.
  2. They like being aloof.
  3. They like candle-light dinners.
  4. They like to help others.

What are the dislikes of a Pisces?

  1. They dislike criticism.
  2. They dislike cruelty.
  3. They dislike anything suspicious.

What is the secret wish of Pisces?

They wish for memorable evenings with a partner who can love them unconditionally.

How to spot a Pisces?

  1. They have profound intensive looks.
  2. They appear calm from outside.
  3. They are explicitly cordial.
  4. They are good at singing.
  5. They may appear to be day-dreamers.

Pisces Love and relationship:

  1. They are mushy in love.
  2. They search for a partner who can offer both security and freedom.
  3. They are very sensitive and tender.
  4. They are benevolent in their relations.
  5. Their love relationships is always their priority.
  6. They don’t believe in short term relations.

Famous Pisces personalities and celebrities:

  1. RabindraNath Tagore, great Indian poet and nobel laureate.
  2. Martina Navratilova, famous tennis player
  3. Barbara Cartland, English author and playwriter.
  4. Shakira, famous Colombian singer and songwriter

The Pisces as we have known is one of the most imaginative, creative, friendly, and sensitive sign with a lot of positive qualities for which they are known.

Like all other sign Pisces too have their own set of drawbacks. For instance, in the case of Pisces, they can get scared easily and may live in a world away from reality.