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What is Gemini Lagna (Ascendant)?

Gemini is the third sign. It extends from 30 degrees to 90 degrees.

What are the characteristics of Gemini?

  1. Gemini is an air sign.
  2. They think a lot, due to their dual nature.
  3. The natives of Gemini are very creative.
  4. They desire to learn about new things & wants to try new things.
  5. They desire to live an adventurous life.

What is the symbol for Gemini Sign?

  1. The symbol of Gemini sign is a couple of two humans who have a musical instrument in their hand.
  2. On the basis of this symbol, interest towards music & art can be seen in the natives of Gemini.
  3. Artistic intent is inbuilt in them & if they work on it then they can go a long way.
  4. They can achieve success in the fields of art & music.
  5. Two humans in the symbol depict two different thoughts.

What is the ruling planet of Gemini sign?

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury.

What is the element of Gemini?

Element or Tatwa of Gemini is Air.

What are the body parts ruled by Gemini?

  1. Gemini sign is influenced by Mercury planet.
  2. It affects the shoulder, neck & chest.
  3. If the native is suffering from voice or skin related problem, then also Mercury plays an important role in it.

What does it mean to be a Gemini sign?

  1. Being an air sign, the natives of Gemini are involved in their own fantasies.
  2. They think a lot because of their dual nature.

What signs are most compatible with Gemini?

Most compatible signs for Gemini are :

  1. Libra
  2. Aquarius

What signs are not compatible with Gemini?

Gemini is not compatible with

  1. Aries
  2. Cancer
  3. Scorpio
  4. Pisces

What are the traits of a Gemini sign?

  1. The native of Gemini has a good sense of humour.
  2. They are friendly.
  3. They are the owners of a charming personality.
  4. They can’t take decisions quickly.
  5. They are impulsive.
  6. They like to break traditions.
  7. They desire to know about everything.

What kind of a person is a Gemini sign?

  1. The natives of Gemini are efficient in speaking.
  2. The level of intellect & thinking is very good at them.
  3. They have a cheerful & humorous nature.
  4. They do their work by proper thinking.
  5. The natives of Gemini are also creative.

What are the strengths of the Gemini sign?

  1. The natives of Gemini have a multifaceted personality.
  2. The ruling lord of this sign is mercury. For this reason, the natives of Gemini have a desire to keep themselves alive and energetic.
  3. Gemini is a dual nature sign, for this reason, their thoughts are paramount and they also think a lot.
  4. Mercury is associated with intellect and speech.
  5. In the natives of Gemini, a property can be clearly seen that they are not influenced by others, they take time.
  6. They think too much before doing any work.

What are the weaknesses of the Gemini sign?

  1. They cannot take decisions quickly.
  2. They take time to complete any work.
  3. They lack concentration & cannot do work continuously because they easily get bored.
  4. They also deceive others & are more into illusions.
  5. Their lazy nature also creates a problem for them.

How will Gemini friends & family will be?


  1. The natives of Gemini are friendly & make friends easily.
  2. They are flamboyant by nature and are famous amongst their friends due to their jovial nature.
  3. They make friends easily due to which they have many friends.


  1. They take their family together.
  2. They don’t like loneliness.
  3. They also try to maintain relationships.
  4. They follow societal rules.
  5. They are curious to know things & loves everyone.
  6. They share their thoughts with others according to the circumstances & also try to adapt themselves.
  7. They like traveling with friends & family.

How will the Gemini money & career will be?


  1. They desire to have more changes in work.
  2. They make a lot of effort on their behalf and wants to achieve a higher position in their field of work.
  3. They like work that involves creativity.
  4. They work very well in the work that has some newness in them.
  5. With their creativity, they quickly influence their boss and they get good and better positions.


  1. They are financially stable.
  2. Due to their habit of spending, they can sometimes create problems for themselves.
  3. They are a little careless about money.
  4. They also face problems in handling things.
  5. It becomes difficult for them to save due to their habit of spending on unwanted things.

Who is Gemini attracted to?

Gemini is attracted to

  1. Virgo
  2. Capricorn

What is the personality of a Gemini man?

  1. They are enthusiastic & full of life, and they look for something new every time.
  2. They like the person with the same energy level.
  3. They want that their lover should love them with the same passion & enthusiasm, and maintain newness in romance.
  4. They try to fulfill their romance honestly.
  5. Love and romance with a lover bring enchantment in them.
  6. They maintain intellect in their love & relations.
  7. They try to solve the problems that may arise in their relations.
  8. They don’t like to stay away from their lover.

How to attract a Gemini man?

  1. To attract a Gemini man it becomes important to understand their personality.
  2. They are friendly and jovial, so they desire the same qualities in their partner.
  3. To attract a Gemini man, the person should be just like them.
  4. They get attracted to words that make them happy & let them enjoy the moment.
  5. They are attracted to new things as same things make them bore.
  6. Don’t open your secrets quickly in front of the natives of Gemini, let them guess and don’t express your feelings quickly in front of them.

What is the personality of Gemini women?

  1. The Gemini women are emotional & are solicitous to get love.
  2. TThe females born under this sign can be enthusiastic at one moment and gentle at the other moment.
  3. There is a tide of emotions in them, and in order to handle it she desires a man who can understand her deep feelings.
  4. She desires a person who can understand the independent thoughts of her.
  5. The females of Gemini wants the support of their lover.
  6. They don’t like to stay alone.
  7. Gemini women want the company of a man who is always there for her & respects her feelings.

How to attract Gemini women?

  1. The most important thing to attract Gemini women is to give full attention to her.
  2. She wants her lover should understand her completely.
  3. The women of Gemini like original and specific things. So, when you meet them your appearance should be charming & fascinating.
  4. The natives of Gemini like flirting, so if you become a little romantic with them, they like it.
  5. The females of Gemini like any kind of creativity.
  6. They are talkative, so they like when someone sits and have romantic & funny talks with them.
  7. They also like when someone praises them.

Who does Gemini sign not get along with?

Gemini does not get along well with

  1. Aries
  2. Scorpio
  3. Capricorn

Who should Gemini marry?

Gemini get along with

  1. Aquarius
  2. Leo
  3. Libra

Can Gemini sign be trusted?

  1. The natives of Gemini can be trusted.
  2. They are childish and they cannot hide many things in their heart. That’s why they can be easily trusted.
  3. They are friendly and can mix up with people easily.

What are the lucky things for Gemini?

  1. Lucky days are Friday & Wednesday.
  2. Lucky colours are green, yellow & orange.
  3. Lucky numbers are 3 & 5.

What are the unlucky things for Gemini?

  1. Unlucky day: Tuesday.
  2. Unlucky colours: Light brown, light grey and dull colours.
  3. Unlucky gem: Coral

What are the likes of Gemini?

  1. They like to live a passionate life.
  2. They like to fulfill their dreams.
  3. They like reading & writing.
  4. They also like traveling.
  5. The natives of Gemini have interest in humorous & entertaining things.
  6. They cannot stay serious for a long time.
  7. They like debating and arguing.

What are the dislikes of Gemini?

  1. They don’t like to stay alone.
  2. They don’t like to do things again & again.
  3. They don’t like dull, boring & monotonous life.
  4. The natives of Gemini are stubborn.
  5. The natives of Gemini are impulsive which can create problems for them, but they also don’t like wrong things.

What is the secret wish of Gemini?

The natives of Gemini don’t like to express their thoughts in front of others, they don’t like the interference of others in their thoughts. They desire that things should work the way they want. They want to maintain happiness & adventure in life.

How to spot a Gemini personality?

  1. Hard to spot.
  2. They have an attractive personality.
  3. Cheerful & humorous.
  4. They are romantic.
  5. They are talkative & likes to spread their knowledge.

Gemini Love & Relationship

  1. They like love & romance.
  2. They always think of new things in love.
  3. They are cheerful, funny & talkative as a lover.
  4. They are excited about love but are hesitant to express it.
  5. Their dual nature can sometimes bring ups & downs in the relationship.
  6. Due to the fact that there is a sense of instability in relationships, they might not be able to take correct decisions.
  7. They have a lot of dreams but want clarity in love.

Famous Gemini personalities and celebrities

  1. Mithun Chakravarthy, Actor
  2. Rama Krishna Dalmia
  3. Rajesh Khanna, Actor
  4. Leo Tolstoy
  5. George Bernard Shaw

To sum up the Gemini personality, they can quickly and easily attract people towards them. Because of their influence, cheerful and humorous behaviour they can easily attract people towards them. Because of their vivacity, people cannot stay away from them. But sometimes there may be trouble due to the delay in taking decisions because of their childish nature.