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Vedic Financial Analysis checks the suitability of a day for financial transactions for people of each Ascendant. The lord of the day and the lord of the Ascendant need to be in agreement to derive maximum benefits from financial transactions.

Through this analysis you can discover whether this a day to spend, save or hold.

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Taurus Financial Analysis For 13 August, 2017

Taurus Your birth ascendant is Taurus. Your financial and business position will remain favorable this Sunday. It might be that your financial condition may weaken your hold in the financial, business and shares market because the Sun acts as an enemy to your principle ascendant Saturn. Yet, you may experience some profits this day, as at the birth time Sun is in an exalted position it is advised that you should first examine your mental state. In case you are experiencing a pleasantness and happiness, if you are encouraged, then keep a close watch on worldly and business trends. If you invest money very carefully during the course of the day then you may benefit from its profits in the future.

The process of financial improvements and profits will continue throughout the day. Sun indicates that you should invest your money in brass and materials made from brass. You may be benefited through your contacts or endeavors in forestry. Investment in any hilly region can also yield profit.

You should worship the Sun God during Sunrise and chant the Gayatri mantra. It will be beneficial especially if you are going for financial investments. You can earn a good profit through building or construction business too.

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