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Vedic Financial Predictions

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Vedic Financial Analysis checks the suitability of a day for financial transactions for people of each Ascendant. The lord of the day and the lord of the Ascendant need to be in agreement to derive maximum benefits from financial transactions.

Through this analysis you can discover whether this a day to spend, save or hold.

If you don't know your Ascendant, you can find it from here.

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Libra Financial Analysis For 13 August, 2017

Libra Your birth ascendant is Libra and today is Sunday. This day will be especially profitable from financial and business point of view. You may invest money in various established businesses besides obtaining profit through prior investments.

There will be a possibility of your acquiring more profit in case you opt for using brass color in your workplace today. Businesses related to brass will add to your profits this day. If you are earning your livelihood from farming or doing some work related to the hills, then today will be profitable for you.

Manufacturing of or trading in bulbs, tube lights etc. may provide you with profit. The garments business too, specially trade in thick garments like jeans, will yield profits for you today. Taking up business in sandalwood will be profitable for you. You may achieve notable profit through the use of fruit trees in your business.

Getting involved in business of wool, starting from its manufacture up to its sale may provide you with ample profits. There is every possibility of your earning good profit through the short term business involving floor-covers, carpets, mats, rugs etc. Medicine is another line which will yield profits today.

You may also be able to earn good profit in the business concerning various types of fruits like jams and jellies. Doctors will have good earnings this day.

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