The eleventh house refers to gains, elder brother, friends, acquisitions, freedom from misery, and happy tidings. Through eleventh house, we also judge daughter-in-law, son-in-law, competitor or partner of the son, father’s family, i.e, uncle, father’s speech, mother’s life span, wife’s education, maternal uncle, loans, brother’s fate, native’s next life, long journey, calf muscles, left ears and neck.

Primary Considerations

In analyzing, the general strength of the eleventh house, following factors must be studied:
  • The house
  • Lord of the house
  • The karaka of the house
  • The occupants.
  • Yogas in the chart must also be take into account.

Results of Lord of the Eleventh house  occupying the different houses
  • Eleventh Lord in First House : The native will be born in a rich family depending on the strength of the Lord in the Ascendant being strong, middling or weak. He will earn much wealth. If badly afflicted, he will lose his elder brother.
  • Eleventh Lord in Second House : The native will live with his elder brothers. Benefics there give harmonious relations. Malefics will earn through commercial concerns and banking business. If malefics join, business with friends will bring good profits. The natives may suffer losses on accounts of friends.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Third House : The person will be a concert singer or musician and will earn through that. Gain through brothers is also indicated. He will have many friends.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Fourth House : Native acquires profit through land estates, rentals and products of the earth. He will be renowned for learning and scholarship of various subjects. He will live in comfort and enjoy all joys in life.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Fifth House : The native will have many children who will come up well in life. He will indulge in speculation and earn well in life. If 11th Lord is afflicted, he will be a gambler and indulge in foolish ventures. If beneficially disposed, native will be pious and enhance his prosperity.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Sixth House : The person gains money through maternal relatives, litigation and running nursing homes. If the 11th Lord is afflicted, then the native thrives on setting person against person and involving himself in the others peoples’ quarrels and anti social activity.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Seventh House: The person marries more than once. He prospers in foreign countries. If there is affliction in 11th Lord, the native carries on liaisons with women of ill repute. He will indulge in immoral activities.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Eighth House : The native will be rich at birth, but, suffers many calamities and losses related to his money. He will suffer from thieves, cheats and swindlers. The native will be forced to eke out of his living by begging.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Ninth House : The native inherits large paternal fortunes and will be very lucky in life. He will possess many houses, religious-minded and disseminate religious literature. He will be charitable.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Tenth House : The native will prosper very well in his business and makes good profits. His elder brother will also help him in his business. He will earn some prize money for his contributions to the subject.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Eleventh House : The native will have many friends. The elder brothers may help him through out life. He will have a happy life with the blessings of his wife.
  • Eleventh Lord in the Twelfth House : He will suffer losses in business. His elder brother will be ailing and much expenditure will be incurred on account of illness. The native may also lose his elder brother by death.

The results are very general and must not be applied directly without weighing other factors. 11th house, if flanked on both sides by benefics, indicates a powerful elder brother and the native earns fabulous wealth.