What is the Vasuman Yoga | Shubha Kartari Yoga | Papa Kartari Yoga | Parijat Yoga | Parvata Yoga | Khal Yoga | Dainya Yoga

When the yoga is in Mercury , Jupiter and Venus ascendant, or is in the Third , sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the moon then Vasuman Yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person extremely wealthy. The person with this yoga , is intelligent and highly skilled in its task and the moral values of the person also gets increased.

How is Shubha Kartari Yoga formed 

When the moon or Lagna comes between the auspicious planets , or when the moon ascendant has an auspicious planet in its fifth and ninth house, then Shubha Kartari Yoga is formed. This yoga provides a person good health, accumulation of wealth and pleasures of improved life.

How is Papa Kartari Yoga formed 

Papa Kartari Yoga is formed , when the moon or ascendant comes between inauspicious planets , means when the moon and ascendant has an inauspicious planet in its fifth or ninth house. Papa Kartati yoga makes a person ill, and poor.The person with this yoga is short tempered and person can also be cruel.

How is Parijat Yoga Formed

If the lord of the sign where the Ascendant lord is situated, or if the lord of the navamsa where the lord of the sign in which the Ascendant lord is situated is placed in a cardinal or trine house, Parijata Yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person famous , scholar, and is protected by the state.The person with yoga is the lord of vehicles, agrees with the traditions, and even applies them.

How is Formed Parvata Yoga 

It is caused when twelfth lord and lagnesh are in mutual Kendra or even if benefics are in Kendra without uninflicting sixth and eigth house, this Parvata Yoga is formed. The person affected with this yoga is wealthy, sensual, head of the state, philantrophic, and has individual empowerment. 


How is Formed Khal Yoga 

Khal are of 8 types.These 8 yogas are formed when it changes place with the lord of third house along with the lord of first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth , tenth or eleventh house. Khal yoga gives a person financial stability,but the person also has to go through the inaupiciousness of widowness. As the person grows old , this yoga gives a person poverty, misery, nobility and pride. 


How is Dainya Yoga Formed 

Dainya Yoga is of 30 types. This yoga is formed when the lord of sixth, eight, and twelfth house changes position with any of the house.This yoga brings total loss in the person’s good luck and wealth, to do sinful, foolish, others that insult, torture by enemies, unstable mind, the blockages etc.Dainya Yoga is not totally inauspicious. It gives problems due to enemies. The person has to step back in enterprise tasks. but if it covered with strong and auspicious planets , then the person is able to control the situations and overcome the obstacles.

How is Kahal Yoga Formed 

When in a horoscope , fourth and ninth house are in the center ,and ascendant is strong , then Kahal Yoga is formed. The person with this yoga is stubborn, courageous, head of a army or village, generous, famous, happy in the last part of his life , and is valued by kings.