Your Numerology Lifepath number is 4

You are a very realistic, sensible individual with strong ideas about whets right and what’s wrong. You are orderly and prepared, methodical and controlled. You are decisive and disciplined, with a slowly balanced approach to problem solving. Once you are devoted to something you do not quit easily!

You are not the type to be interested in” get rich quick" schemes. You would rather use hard work and long hours to construct a business or career -- you seek to create a firm foundation. Particular, persistent and adamant, you have great potential for success, but only after putting out effort and overcoming the boundaries you so frequently come across. Righteousness and sincerity are sacred to you. You are trustworthy and dependable, a foundation of the community.

Though not an idealist, you are eager to work for a better world in a reasonable way. Nevertheless, you can be firm in your ideas and every so often too quick to judge your fellow man. You are loyal to those you love and you have no problem working with others. It is essential that at the same time as being part of a team you have your own accountability and distinct task. You achieve things better when your tasks are not overlapping with those of others. You must be careful not to be bossy and rude.

You have rare obedience and determination and not everyone can keep up with you. When it comes to handling money you are very good at it and careful as well. Your love of work most of the time leads you into a career early in life. Because of your meticulous personality you can simply become rigid and trapped in convention. You can also be overly cautious when changes are needed. This can cause you to miss out on opportunities that present themselves. You must learn to develop flexibility in your character.

You are an appropriate individual for marriage and often turn out to be a responsible loving parent. On the other hand, anything that violates your intuitive sense of organization, such as separation or separation can be a devastating experience for you.

You easily become infatuated and even resentful, in search of your own explanation of righteousness. You are very brave and a true survivor. You are a planner and the basis of any enterprise. Your hard work and sensible, conventional standards pay off to offer you the rewards you seek out and ought to have.