Your Numerology Lifepath number is 2

The Life Path 2 suggests that you entered this plane with a religious value in your structure, which allows you to be one of the mediators in society. Your strengths come from a knack for listening and absorbing. You are a fixer, a negotiator, and a very sensitive type of individual, using convincing skills rather than power to make your way in the world.

When you embrace and display the strong point of your spiritual side, you are spontaneous, futuristic, optimistic, and imaginative. These attributes make you fascinating with a lot to give to society. You have the potential to be a deep-thinker, and without a doubt fascinated with understanding many of life's mysteries and more captivating facets.

If you are living with the positive characteristics of the number 2 Life Path, you are quick to have the most delicate ability to be balanced and fair. You obviously see the full scale of viewpoints in any disagreement or condition, and because of this, people may look for you to be a negotiator. In this role you are able to settle disputes with the most neutral flair. There is genuine concern for others; you think the best of people, and want the finest for them. You are sincere and open in thought, word and endeavors.

You do extremely well in any type of group activity where your skill in managing and joining together people can be used efficiently. Etiquette and discretion mark your way with others, and you are not one to take over a group or situation. You are the master of negotiation and of maintaining accord in your environment. As the ultimate team member, you never insist on being praised or recognized.

In a lot of ways, you are an individual of tradition and routine, and you like your course and guide well worn and familiar. Your knack for analyzing and depicting precise judgments is a wonderful innate characteristic you bring to the corporate world. You try hard for absolute precision and even flawlessness in your work. Maybe you are not a leader, but you are a creative thinker and your ideas are talented.

On the contrary, the negative side of the 2 reveals the trait of nervous energy, which may cause you to be seen as a radical who is sometimes the supporter in expressing, likes and dislikes. Anxiety can bring the normally relaxed 2 into a position of emotional fury, which to those around you may appear so out of the ordinary. Indeed, the 2 can sometimes become oversensitive. In some instances, the strength of the 2 can also become its weakness.

You may find it difficult to make your mind up on what to do from time to time. Twos frequently fight against uncertainty. Making decisions and getting your life in gear, as you might say, may be a test. There is a tendency for the various 2s to harbor feelings of discomfort, and disappointment with accomplishments and personal development in life.

The main impediment and complexity you may face is that of obedience and a state of indifference and laziness. The negative 2 can be very cynical. When this sets in to any measure, you are capable of accomplishing very little. If living on the negative side of the 2, you may lack rationality, and you are quite often not capable of distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

Even the more optimistic individuals with the 2 Life Path will favor more sociable and less aggressive surroundings, frequently shunning the business world. You can best serve society in endeavors utilizing your skills of counseling and guidance. Much of your idealism is people oriented and somewhat compassionate in nature. You expect a great deal of yourself.