Your Numerology Lifepath number is 1

This Life Path number implies that you have entered this level surface with abilities that allow you to develop into the leader type fairly effortlessly. You have a very energetic nature that is charged with lots of unusual desires, a demand for independence and freedom, and the want for personal achievement. Most of the generals in the military, business leaders as well as political leaders are individuals that have the Life Path Number 1.

When the positive characteristics of a 1 are shown, your mind has the capability to create creative inspiration. It also possesses the passion and drive to achieve a lot. You are a master at getting the ball rolling; starting up innovative projects is your strong point. You shine the most when being confronted with obstacles and tests, due to the fact that you have the boldness and strength to fight back; Including both physical strength as well as inner varieties of strength. Along with strength comes sheer determination and the ability to be a leader. As a innate leader you have a talent for taking over any situation and you may at times do this when it is not the right time for you to do so.

You are a very unique individual and you probably possess talents as an inventor of trendsetter. When it comes to working, whatever field you may choose, you have a very independent attitude that always shows through your work. You have very strong and well-built personal needs and desires. You feel that it is always needed for you to pursue your own convictions. You have the tendency to get bored fairly quickly with routine and extremely meticulous tasks.

When it comes to promoting yourself, you are very determined in addition to self confident, and you sometimes hide the fact that you can be self-centered and demanding for social purposes. However primarily you are measured as extremely good company, friendly, and an amazing conversationalist.

People like you and have the tendency to be attracted to you, which is a good thing due to the fact that you are very sensitive and you don’t handle dissatisfaction well. There is also negative sides to the 1.They are equipped with the potential for greatness as a leader, however they have the tendency to fail as a follower.

Sadly you have to follow sometimes in order to be permitted to have a chance at leadership. When an individual in the 1 Life Path is not fully developed they are expressing the negative side of this number and they’re personality has the tendency to appear dependent rather than independent, for the most part in the earlier years. If you are expressing this negative characteristic of #1, then you are probably very displeased with your status at the moment and you yearn for independence.

This is defined as the feeble or needy side of the negative. On the other hand of the negative, 1 energy can become too self-serving, narcissistic, and self-centered. Try not to be too domineering or challenging.