Your expression number is 7

You have been blessed with a very logical mind and a thirst for answers to life’s unknown questions. You are very interested in exploring philosophy, scientific matters, as well as theology. You are very persistent and simple when it comes to searching for the truth and have the ability to be a great instructor, investigator, or philosopher. Your motivation comes from your desire for understanding and truth. It would be wise to learn how to distinguish the difference between illusion and reality, although you are well prepared to do this. Your superior mind offers you insight into the hidden mysteries of life and you own a substantial amount of perspective. Someplace inside you lies a peaceful place that you turn to when you are going through complicated times.

You require time to be alone, due to the fact that too many group relations can cause you to be overly stressed. You desire privacy in some place shut off from the commotion of the world. You are a very mysterious individual who has the tendency to keep your thoughts to yourself; the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 8 unless your expression number 7 is balanced by gregarious characteristics most of the time exposes that. Your bashfulness tends to pull you deeply inside yourself making you seem withdrawn from others around you.

You despise all that is phony and boring and are astonished by the lack of understanding or intensity of knowledge of others who most likely do not take probing for knowledge as seriously as you, which in turn may cause you to be highly critical of other people as well as sarcastic about life in general. The more disconnected you turn out to be; the more your motives become concealed. Others will begin to seek out advice from you as soon as you learn to understand people and life.

You are a stickler and you enjoy specializing your knowledge as well as developing great depth within your field. It would be wise to conclude your studies early on in life and not be too motivated by the desire to be successful. Let things flow naturally and be open to chance, and when it comes to rewards, approval and gratification, remember that they come from a higher source. Although you posses these wonderful characteristics, your expression number can be very isolated and cold.

You can also be adulterous, insincere, and cruel when conquered by the darker characteristics of sevens. Your sense of harmony can be reinstated by contemplation, reflection and the softer, better-quality sensations of life, which keep you focused on the path leading to peace and balance.

Your mind is very reasonable and due to the fact that you’re extremely analytical you have the tendency to approach tribulations in a disconnected, surgical manner. Researchers, analysts, investigators, inventors, technicians, scholars, lawyers, bankers, watchmakers, priests, philosophers, theologians and administrators are some of the many career paths that people born with the expression number of 7 are most interested in.