Your expression number is 6

You are loveable, kind, caring, responsible and trustworthy. You have the tendency to put others needs before your own, with a high regard for integrity and sincerity. Most your life will be trailed by obligations and you may feel hampered and a bit overwhelmed at times. You’re an artistic individual, with a flair for music.

Harmony as well as good looks is at the top of your priority list. Although you possess many artistic talents and abilities, as a result of you sacrificing your time and pleasure for others they are often left untrained or concealed. You are very creative in all aspects of life mainly the visual as well as a clever businessperson.

You have no problem working precisely towards the understanding of your goals. You are naturally in tune with flowers, gardening and animals, as well as a love for children. This has given you the title of “Cosmic Mother or Father” by numerologists. As a matter of fact the shape of the number 6 symbolizes “Pregnant with Love.” When it comes to healing and counseling others you are a natural at it but you must be cautious and try not to hinder other peoples freedom. You are known as an idealist, especially when it comes to marriage, friendships and humankind.

The Expression Number 6 is the most reasonable out of all the numbers, however it contains within itself one of the supreme paradoxes. It’s as if contradictory tendencies were somewhat poised, because of its gift for balancing these opposites, you are distinctively qualified to handle and integrate contradictions within yourself, Because of this 6’s often find themselves either being healers or counselors, creating peace between conflicting points of view, or inner conflicts within the self. Although you are a very optimistic, there may also be a temptation to obtain striking objects by inappropriate means.

You should refrain from nosy behavior and familial cruelty, or at all times having your own way in a family disagreement. When you have conversations you are able to understand other people’s problems and predicaments and come up with innovative solutions to their problems. You are a natural at consoling others and providing affection, which can act as a therapeutic balm to hurt feelings.

You magnetize love and admiration due to the fact that you give the same in return. Also, you are an exceptional teacher especially when it comes to young children or special education individuals, as well as a counselor, social worker, psychologist, artist designer, gardener, florist, and farmer. You also have the ability to be successful in business above all those that entail dealing with other people.