Your expression number is 5

You have a very liberated spirit and you enjoy change, exploration and thrill. You love to be free, like a bird that requires wings to live you cannot survive without freedom. Freedom is what your life revolves around, and by using it properly you are capable of exploring and developing your assortment of talents. Freedom is the necessary surroundings that you need to shine and generate your talents. You are able to do anything that you set out to do and you are quite good at it; but only if you avoid being imprisoned by a sense of false security are you able to produce your abilities.

You are bizarrely flexible; as a matter of fact change is like a blessing for you. Likewise you are in need of challenge and variety in your life. You despise routines and being stuck in situations is a tragedy for you. You are miserable and depressed when being held back or down. Life and all its entities have a consuming attraction for you. Since childhood up into adulthood you have always dreamed and imagined seeing foreign lands, experiencing the sensual and out of the ordinary.

You desire to try everything in life at least once; all of life is simply a playing field to your mind. This type of outlook on life can get you into lots of trouble. You may forget about your natural restrictions, either physically or communally. Boundaries are like abominations to you, which have the tendency to shade you to your natural confines, and may cause you to overindulge in certain desires such as sweets, food, alcohol, drugs, or sex. You posses the gift of communication, and your skill with words is immeasurable.

You have the ability to become a salesman, a politician, lawyer, public relations person, or minister. You also have the ability to allocate and progress new ideas, you’re brilliant with your hands and love the new and unproven. You are somewhat of a gambler and like to play for tremendously high stakes. All of these characteristics come together to give you a childlike, contagious, and attractive enthusiasm in the eyes of others.

You enjoy working with others, yet you need to be able to perform the duty un-incumbered by the chains of others. When it comes to thinking abilities you are very intelligent and quick on your feet, yet you have scattered and unorganized thought patterns. If you desire success you must stay alert as well as grounded to achieve it. When it comes to love and relationships you fall in and out of love pretty often, particularly in your early years.

You have a strong sex drive and you are sensual by nature, which makes for a vivacious and stimulating love life. Nevertheless you must lookout for shallow feelings and relationships. Self-control and having healthy boundaries to follow is the key to success in almost every aspect of your life.

As luck would have it, you may find that as you learn to set suitable limits for yourself you will gain more self-mastery and achieve even greater amounts of freedom. This is especially the case when it comes to starting and finishing projects and endeavors.

You tend to give up easily when you feel that you have the job or project under control, and you get uninterested quickly. Your mind begins to wander off on thoughts of new challenges, or rewards of your fabulous accomplishments way before the work is completed. This Expression number wants the whole world, and you realize that you possess many talents that can convey lots of success and happiness in life. However this type of success depends solely on your eagerness to choose a particular area or field to ponder, and bringing it to perfection.