Your expression number is 4

You are the foundation of society, the base of any endeavor. You are a meticulous and logical individual, who has a large amount of managerial as well as organizational skills. You are a builder and a go-getter and you are capable of turning dreams into reality. You most likely have an extremely developed sense of organization.

You enjoy manager roles and have the ability to complete your well mapped out plans; you are not the one to set out on an adventure without a map. You are a very dependable and responsible individual who takes family matters and obligations pretty seriously. You take pleasure in completing a project from start to finish; yet you have the tendency to become only just focused on the project. You put your nose to the grindstone and become addicted to your work. You are motivated by your dislike for anything that is unstable, apprehensive, and irregular. You doubt the unconventional and you prefer to stick to the proven way of doing things, which in turn can make your endeavors proceed slowly causing you much irritation; Mainly with the obvious limitations on resources.

Yet at the same time concern for these limitations forces you to proceed with caution and carefulness. This secludes you from the possibility of creative solutions and shortcuts provided by those surrounding you. When it comes to love and relationships you have the tendency to be very serious, tremendously honest and genuine. Although you possess integrity and you’re a very dependable individual, you can also be very stubborn and unyielding.

Due to the fact that you pay too much attention to the little details in life, you often become somber and just a bit boring. Most of the people born with the 4 Expression number needs to loosen up a bit, enjoy life. You are good with money in a very old-fashioned and cautious way. You have a great balance between income and expenditures.

Money saving is important to you, so you are able to limit your expenditures. You have great endurance and can work carefully and with determination towards your goals, and you have a natural eye for detail. This attribute ultimately brings victory and good standing in your community. Your test in life is to learn to be more creative and to attract more artistic people in your life to direct and motivate you. Also try not to let your likes and dislikes take over your common sense and kindness, and be more understanding of other peoples feeling and shortcomings.