Your expression number is 3

You are a very positive, cheerful, inspirational, open and sociable individual. People view you as a very charming spirit, and your personality is so bouncy and energetic that it has the power to rub off on people without you even being aware of it. All of this vigor is a result of your incredible creativity, due to the incredible verbal skills you posses you may be lured into the fields of comedy, music, theatrics or writing.

Although you posses these fabulous oral skills, your mind has the tendency to view life as movies rather than in words; nevertheless you are able to think theoretically. You have immense potential in the arts as well as other areas that require you to think creatively to find solutions to problems. You are capable of performing leaps of imagination, giving eccentric ideas as if they fell from the sky yet you lack obedience and organization in your life. Nonetheless, hard work, dedication and focus are the key attributes for a successful future.

Creativity is an insightful gift that is most often concealed during the childhood years. If you do not have the confidence to follow through with your ideas then you may perhaps redirect your abilities into a diffusion of unimportant pursuits.

In order to conquer this dilemma, you must make the decision to limit your ground of visualization as well as the amount of activities that you take on. Also learn to package all of your energies into one solitary force. Center your life on one thing that you love whole-heartedly and commit to it; in return you will be rewarded with a large amount of happiness and success. When it comes to love and romance they are attainable, and you have the help of friends and those who admire you. A lot of times people appear out of nowhere to help you with major situations. You are not a hermit and your not particularly independent either.

You are a social individual and you need the company of others-an audience per se in order to realize your true capabilities. You should learn to acknowledge the participation of others in your life. The disadvantage of your expression number is that you can be very phony, temperamental and narrow-minded. You are a very sensitive and emotional individual and you have the tendency to give bold criticism where it isn’t needed. You can also be resentful and gossipy, cynical and sarcastic. Beware of these qualities due to the fact that they can smother your innate creativity.