Your expression number is 2

You are a very tactful and refined individual and you have a knack for working with others. You have an extremely developed intuition that allows you insight on others personalities and situations; this causes you to proceed with carefulness and a bit of influence. There is something about your personality that gives you the ability to bring out another person’s kindness without ever having to see the explosive side of that individual. These gifts that you possess makes you an ideal representative or diplomat.

You express your abilities and talents much better when you are partnered with someone or working with others; therefore you are much better in a partnership than a leadership role. No matter the situation you are always searching for a sense of balance as well as peacefulness. The main part of your personality is sensitivity, yet there are always two sides to every coin. You possess the ability to identify the thoughts and emotions of others, and you also have the ability to work with others in a gentle manner towards a jointly shared goal; because of this you are considered a enormous asset in group endeavors.

On the other hand your sensitive side can cause you to be very susceptible to harmful gestures or comments. You can be knocked completely off balance by an unkind statement, or disagreement or even intimidating work conditions. As others seem to be handling troubled times with a bit of turmoil, you tend to suffer the instability of life as if your mere existence depended on it.

During difficult times, you have the tendency to continue to steadily wear away the battle; you are much like a light wind that forms the rock. You are a very welcoming and unbiased individual as well as a great person to look to for support. You have tendency to bring the best out of those you come in contact with, and you’re very welcoming and unbiased.

When it comes to leading others you are a very essential figure, providing your insight and advice, which is very important. Despite your effort and service that you give to others you often do not get the appreciation or recognition that you are entitled to, this can be extremely upsetting. Yet because you are a naturally modest individual, and you enjoy being an important part or peoples lives, that is enough acknowledgment for you.

When it comes to love and relationships, having closeness is very important to you. As a single individual you often have dreams of finding your “soul mate,” and when your married, you tend to be a very concerned, loving, giving, caring and thoughtful individual who is very conscious of your spouse and their needs, thoughts and emotions.

These qualities that you possess make you an outstanding marriage partner. You are a passionate lover and you provide enormous support for your loved one’s career. Although you have these good qualities, when it comes to parenthood, this can be a particularly difficult task for you. This is probably due to the fact that you lack the willpower to enforce discipline, and you are in need of a peaceful, soft and pleasant atmosphere.

You have a very extraordinary talent for music, with a fabulous sense of rhythm and synchronization. Lastly you have a precise intuition and are a very good counselor with a natural talent for psychology.