Your expression number is 1

You are a very original, courageous, and ambitious individual. You are very independent as well as unique and a natural born leader. You are also very confident, self reliant and energetic, with a strong interest in exploring and innovation. You enjoy taking on and creating new unproven ways of doing things. To you it is frustrating when you are subjected to too many minor influences and limits. You are very capable of managing corporations independently as well as owning your own business due to the executive abilities those you posses. You can be a wise politician, and you need to be allowed to make your own decisions, based upon your own ideas. You have the ability to influence the opinions of your situation.

Most individuals who fall under the number one are either, leaders, pioneers, risk takers, daredevils, generals, politicians, successful businessmen or businesswomen, self made millionaires, religious leaders, inventors, activists or avant-garde artists. In order for you to succeed you must possess strength and perseverance, and you must be eager to travel off the beaten paths of life. You have a large amount of willpower that must be directed at your goals; you are not the one to give up, but you relentlessly pursue your dreams or whatever it is your aiming for. People are very inspired by your strong, opinionated persona. Due to the fact that you are able to visualize your goals as well as a knack for concentrating, your dreams become more attainable and realistic.

You admit when you are wrong and you stand your ground, all in which enhance your ability to become a successful individual. In spite of all the positives, you have negatives present as well. You can be very self-centered and bossy, in extreme measures even a bully. You have the tendency to be very critical of others, often comparing them to yourself and pointing out the fact that they lack the determination and industry experience that you possess. This lack of understanding and sympathy can be to your disadvantage.

It can cause friends and family members to push away and isolate themselves from you. You often become stubborn and unyielding to defend ideas when you are convinced of being naturally correct. You have a lot of strength and determination and when applied to your activities or whatever you are trying to accomplish, if committed these abilities can lead to lots of happiness and success.

When needed to take on a leadership role, you spring into action and take on the title of protector with no complaints; yet pride and arrogance can be your downfall. You refuse to look at potential flaws and weaknesses when it comes to your ideas and well-laid plans due to the fact that you are so wrapped up in your own goals and ambitions. Try to avoid stubbornness and opposition and learn to develop balance, kindness, and determination.