Saturn is a planet that takes almost two and half years to shift from one Rashi to another. Saturn will shift to its most fortunate sign Libra on November 15th 2011 at 10:11. This is the sign of exaltation for Saturn.

The biggest relief will be for the people of Leo sign as this Rashi is getting rid of Saade Saati of Saturn after seven and half years. The Rashi that has come under the effect of Sade Saati is Scorpio.

Saturn is considered as a natural malefic. Saturn is the planet that breaks a person’s false ego and shows the reality to an individual. During Saturn’s period, the native faces maximum pain, sorrow and obstructions. Saturn is the planet which brings the native down to earth and shows the true colours of life. On the contrary Saturn is the planet that takes the native to the unexpected heights. Thus, Saturn plays a vital role in human life.

Effect of Saturn on Various Rashi


Saturn will be placed in the 7th house which is the house of life partner, marriage, marital happiness, sexual disease, trade and speculations for Aries. This shifting of Saturn for Aries will not be very fortunate. Since, it is placed in an exalted sign therefore the marriage due from the long time can be decided in the near future provided the Saturn in the birth chart is well placed. Your health can be affected during this period.  Business can be affected and you can also face some losses during this period.


Saturn will placed in the house of enemies, disappointments, sorrows, debts, illness, maternal relations and disease for Taurians. Saturn is considered to be fortunate in this house. The native will dominate the enemies in this period. He will be freed from all his enemies. If there is any disease that existed for a long time that will be cured in this period. The native will enjoy the company of  women. Some throat related problems can persist if Saturn is weak in the birth chart.


The Saturn will be transiting in the house of intelligence, discriminating power, children and fame for Gemini. This transition will cause mental strain, unknowing expenses, lack of concentration, separation from children and have quarrels within family. But, those looking for the career in engineering might get success. Child birth will take place after difficulty. Those who are in speculation business will find some gain. Overall, this period will give mixed results.


Saturn transits in the house of happiness, mother, self prosperity, landed property, education and vehicles for Cancer. Although, Saturn in this house is not fortunate but we can expect some mixed results since it is in its exalted sign. The positive part is that those looking for transfer will get the transfer according to their choice. He might get hold of a disputed land. The negative part is that he will not be happy during this period. Something or the other will keep him in worry. Mother’s health can be affected.He may be separated from his family and friends.


Saturn will transit in the house of brothers and sisters, courage, short journeys, immediate relations and writings for Saturn. This period will be very fortunate for the natives.You will gain profits in business. You will win a legal battle during this period. You will get good news from your brothers or sisters and you will also get reasons to enjoy. You will become influential at your work place, free from all diseases and powerful to dominate your rivals.


The last two and half years of Saade Saati is still left for Virgo. The Saturn is transiting in the house of family, face, speech, right eye, wealth and source of death. The transit in this house is not fortunate as it will effect the health of your wife or any other member in your family. There could be some loss of wealth but being exalted the loss may be recovered after some obstacles. Some difference of opinion can be seen in your family. There could a loss of comfort. You might gain some wealth from others but that will not give you happiness.


The second part of the Saade Saati will start for Librans. Saturn is most benefic planet as it rules the Kendra and the Trikona house. Being exalted and placed in the house of personality, physical body and health, it will have mixed results. Your health may be affected badly during the third period. You will get some promotion or increment in your profession. Those who are appearing for some competitions will succeed provided the Saturn in your birth chart is placed strongly. Avoid eating or drinking anything at unknown place as you may suffer from food poisoning. Keep yourself away from fire also. Those who are planning to visit abroad for higher education have good prospects.


Saturn will transit in the house of expenditure, loss, waste and divine knowledge for Scorpions. This transit in Libra starts in the Saade Saati of Scorpio. Since, the Saturn is exalted the losses expenditure and waste will go on the higher side. Chances of the native to visit abroad are present. You will stay away from your family. It can also lead to extra-marital affairs. You will face unexpected troubles in your trips or journeys. You will suffer from grief. Since, Saturn is exalted there are chances of achieving of some divine knowledge in this period.


Saturn is placed in the most fortunate house that is the house of gains and accomplishment, friends and freedom from misery and pain for Sagittarians. This is a fortunate place of transition. You will get the opportunity to earn a lot of wealth during this period. You will be attracted from the people of opposite sex. If you are an entrepreneur, then this period can make you an industrialist.Overall, a very fortunate period to utilize at an optimum level.


Saturn is exalted and placed in the house of career and profession, honour and respect in this period. This transit will make a change in your profession. You will get recognition at your work place. You might suffer some loss related to wealth, learning and fame. You can have heart and lungs related troubles. You will also develop various sources of earning money and wealth. In society you will gain recognition at work place.


Saturn is placed in the house of fate and father for Aquarians. Since Saturn is exalted and is the ruler of this sign the health troubles will be recovered.  Some heart related troubles may trouble you but there is nothing to worry. Transition of exalted Saturn in the house of fate will be able to overcome all troubles. But, those planning to reach you will have to work hard to get success. But, the fact that the exalted Saturn will give you the strength to achieve your goals and to succeed.


The Saturn is transiting in the house of longevity, genital organs, disgrace and degradation This transition of Saturn indicates Dhaiya (two and half years) which can effect the health of the natives. Some accidents are also possible. Your family members will not support you. You will stay away from your family. Those, planning to set up the career and profession in international marketing or working with foreign markets will find good career prospects. On the contrary, Saturn being exalted will generate positive results for the hard work done.

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