Mercury's Relation with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in second house of Lal Kitab Kundali

Mercury and Jupiter

Conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in second house of Lal Kitab Kundali makes the native learned and intelligence. During this period, you will be in the company of many intelligent people. You will also receive knowledge from them. Both of these planets provide you with knowledge and intelligence. They make your mind sharper. You become more skilled in whatever you do.

You are able to amaze everyone through your knowledge and prompt replies. People are attracted towards you because of these qualities. This conjunction also makes you financially stronger. You are always trying to preach others. However, such a situation can also cause a problem. You father may incur some financial losses. Due to this, there may be some financial troubles in your family.

Mercury and Venus

When Mercury is in conjunction with Venus in second house of Lal Kitab Kundali, Mercury tends to dominate Venus. You will receive fame and benefits from the Government or Nation. You will also live in a luxurious house. You will be beautiful and jolly in life. You will also be creative.

You will have a good impact on people you meet. If you will regularly participate in religious activities, this conjunction will give even more auspicious results. In such a situation, auspicious results of this conjunction will be maximized. You will receive some good benefits from your business activities. You will be quite skilled in embroidery. However, if this conjunction is influenced by an inauspicious planet, auspicious results will be minimized.

Mercury and Saturn

When Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction in second house of Lal Kitab Kundali, Mercury will receive benefits from everything related to Saturn. In other words, it will be beneficial for you to act as a mediator. You will also earn profits through tasks related to machinery. You will even have many loyal servants for your service.

This conjunction is also auspicious for your health. Your fortune will help you succeed in your profession. You will also receive happiness, love and support from your parents. However, if there are some inauspicious signs, this conjunction will not be auspicious for your father. Your father may experience many problems.

Mercury and Rahu

Conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in Lal Kitab Kundali’s second house is considered to be auspicious. Such a conjunction provides you with money and wealth. However, it may also make you a bit restless. It will also provide some courage to lie.

During this period, you may be a bit rude and arrogant. However, this conjunction is also considered to be auspicious for your close ones. You will receive a lot of money from your family members. But you may have to stay away from your family for work.

Mercury and Ketu

When Mercury is with Ketu in second house of Lal Kitab Kundali, it gives mixed results. At times, it may be auspicious. Other times, it may give inauspicious results. For instance, if your sister’s health is fine during this period, your child’s health may be affected. In the same way, if you gain knowledge during this period, you may be confused. You become indecisive in such a situation.

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