Relation Of Mercury with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu In the Third House Of Lal Kitab

Mercury and Jupiter

Conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in the third house if lal kitab is considered to be an auspicious placement. The native attains the auspiciousness of both the planets. The combination of the planets makes the native intelligent and confident. If either of the planets in the third house is aspected or influenced by malefic, the native may not be able to attain their good results. Such a person relies on his intelligence, more than his work and dedication to accomplish them. He gets immense support of his siblings.

Jupiter placed in the auspicious signs gives favourably results to the native. The native attains huge number of benefits from some or the other source. He attains support of his teachers and preachers. Such a person is highly educated and well-learned. He has tremendous faith on his destiny. He doesn’t live a regretful life. Such a person believes in accomplishing his tasks with utmost patience and dedication.

The native is financially independent and lives a stable life. He is courageous and intelligent. Since both the planets forms relation with the wealth and prosperity aspects of a native's life, he attains successful career life. However, afflicted Jupiter or Mercury can prevent auspicious results. In such a situation, the native may have to face financial problems also. He may not even be able to take right decisions.

Mercury and Venus

Mercury placed with Venus in the third house of lal kitab provides creative abilities to the native. Such a person feels inclined to arts and creative things. He possess explicit skills and creative abilities. He always thrives to display his skills in the most beautiful way. Such a person is blessed with immense love from his sisters. He feels satisfied having them around. As a result, he is also able to attain good results with the support of his younger sisters.

Such a person is able to attain financial stability in his life. He may even have good influence on various decisions of the family related to finances. Even planet has good influence on the health and finances of the native. If both the planets are situated in a benefic state, the results from Moon also improve.

Mercury and Saturn

Saturn and Mercury placed in the third house of the lal kitab give individual results to the native as per their own character traits. The native may not be willing to work hard at workplace. He tries to stay away from making extra efforts at his work. Such a person may have the tendency to be laid back in life. The native experiences the effects of both the planets in his life. Mercury gives results according to its placement in the horoscope.

Mercury and Saturn, both are considered to be even planets. This is the reason that are not able to influence each other’s results in the third house of lal kitab.Both the planets give individual results and for a very long time. Even though, Mercury can have less impact on the life of the native a compared to Saturn, both the planets give ony favourable results.

Mercury and Rahu

Mercury and Rahu placed together in the third house of lal kitab are not considered to be favourable. The native is affected by some or the other problems in his life. Both the planets may not be able to give their respective results, effectively. The native may have to face a lot of ups and downs in life. This placement makes the native hard working. He is able to accomplish his goals successfully in life.

Mercury and Ketu

Mercury conjunct Ketu in the third house of lal kitab gives problems to the female of the family. This is not at all a favourable placement for the native as well. Both the planets, placed together in this house give inauspicious results. The native has to face some or the other problem in his life.

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