Relations of Jupiter With Sun, Moon and Mars in the Third House of Lal Kitab

Jupiter and Sun

The placement of Sun and Jupiter in the third house of lal kitab also give auspicious results. The auspicious results of the planets conjunction can be seen in the academic and career aspects of the native’s life. It gives him the strength and intelligence to excel in life. With the influence of Jupiter the native can become a scholar of his field. He can help others to attain better education. Such a person works towards the fulfilment of his responsibilities for his family.

On the other hand, afflicted or weakly places Sun can result in financial loss. He may also have to sacrifice inherited property in such circumstances. But the position of Jupiter can help the native get over with such situations. The base of the native’s destiny is peace and purity. But the influence of malefics can lead to stressful situations and obstacles.

The native attains success and recognition in the religious and social works, but the struggle remains. He gets results as per his endurance, hardwork and dedication. He may have to suffer from some problems from his siblings. Sometimes he may not even get results as per her capability, which can be overcome with the time. If the native leave his laid back nature, he can attain immense success in his field. But these planets only give good results when the native is not greedy and performs only good deeds. The planets may not be able to give good results when the native is thinking of doing any kind of bad deed.

Jupiter and Moon

Moon and Jupiter placed in the third house of lal kitab are able to provide beneficial results to the native. However, the native may not be able to attain results easily. He is supposed to work hard to achieve success and wealth.

Such a person is very conscious of his strength and weaknesses. He uses his strength in the right way, in order to accomplish his goals successfully. Such a person accomplishes his tasks actively and with utmost perfection. He is always working to improve his quality of life and attain success.

Person with this yoga is blessed with various kinds of qualities. He is courageous, victorious and helpful. This placement helps the native attain victory over his enemies. Such a person is able to attain success in life with his intelligence and qualities.

Jupiter and Mars

Mars is not considered to be auspicious in the third house of lal kitab. On the other hand, Jupiter is able to provide its full results to the native. Such a person can be seen inclined toward religious and spiritual activities. He is involved in some or the other unique activities. The native may not be able to get immense support for his actions. He is not even able to use his power and strength to the fullest. Due to afflicted Mars, the native may lack in self-confidence.

The person does not misuse his paternal property. He tries to protect it and increase with this hard work. However, the native may or may not get effective results. The results depend upon his strategies and methods of achieving his goals. The thinking of the person may also be affected with Mars placed with Jupiter in the third house of lal kitab.

The native is required to remain attentive about his endeavours. He may have to suffer from unexpected rise and fall in his work. The native might feel laid back sometimes. This can create obstructions and delayed results.

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