There are certain important things to be considered while making analysis of a laal kitaab kundali. It is necessary to study the effects of planets in signs and houses on the basis of the years of a person’s life. Thus, it is important to;
Lal Kitab is an ancient book of Hindu Mythology. It is believed that originally Lankapati Raavan got this book from ‘Arun’, the charioteer of the Sun. Later, it reached to Arab countries and was written in Arabic. Some part of it is;
Study of Laal Kitaab shows us that that there are different kind of horoscopes in it that are known by different names such as Andhi Kundali, Aadhi Andhi Kundali, Dharmi Kundali, etc. Nabalig Kundali is one of the type of Laal Kitab;
According to Laal Kitaab doing analysis of the horoscope of a child below twelve years of age is not considered appropriate. It is believed that the tevel in the horoscope of the native below twelve years of age are immature under certain;
According to Laal Kitaab, a planet gives auspicious results when placed alone in a house or is not aspected by any other planet in a horoscope. Here, lonely planet signifies the planet occupying a house alone and is not aspected by any;
The concept of Mahadasha of planeta are based on the principles laid down by Lal Kitab itself. Similarly to vedic astrology, the period of Mahadasha in Lal Kitab is of 120 years which mo0ves according to its own principles. Rules for;
With the help of a lal kitab one can easily determine the effect of a planet according to the age of the native. Also, each planet is classified on the basis of gender in lal kitaab. Sun - Sun has special influence on the life of a person;
Relationship of planets in Laal Kitaab are similar to that of Vedic astrology. Each planetary relationship has its own significance and principle in Laal Kitaab also. In Vedic astrology the relationships of planets are stable and effects;
In Laal Kitaab kundali each planet has its own artificial planet. These planets have their own significance which are discussed below : Artificial Planets for Sun Mercury and Venus are artificial planets for Sun. They affect health of an;
The first house of lal kitab is known as the the throne of a king. The ruling planet of this house is known as the king of the house. In astrology, the first house is also known as the ascendant. This house determines the relationship;
Chandra kundli have special significance in laal kitaab. Chandra kundli in vedic astrology is analyzed to determine various aspects of life. Similarly, with the help of lal kitaab method chandra kundli is able to determine various other;
There are specific principles for planetary aspects in Laal kitaab. With the help of these principles the effects of planets can be understood in detail. In Vedic astrology, the planetary aspects are considered, rather the the aspects of;
Andhi Kundali According to Laal Kitaab, some horoscopes or Kundalis are known as Andhi Kundali. If a birth chart contains more than two enemy planets in the 10th house, the horoscope is known as Andhi Kundali. The collision of two enemy;
The principles of Laal Kitaab are different from that of Vedic astrology. The position of the ascendant does not matter as the formation of a Laal Kitaab kundali always begin with ascendant and aries sign. But, the planets are placed;
Laal Kitaab has its own set of rules and principles to analyze a horoscope. It is necessary to get your horoscope analyzed by Laal Kitaab method, if you are performing Laal Kitaab remedies. Historical significance of Laal Kitaab Laal;