Relation of Rahu with Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the Second House of Lal Kitab

Rahu And Jupiter

Placement of Rahu and Jupiter in the second house of lal kitab makes Rahu dependent on Jupiter. In this house Jupiter plays the role of a dominant planet as it is placed in its own house. If the native is not well-off, he’ll always be dependent on others for his livelihood. But despite of his financial.problems he is always ready to help others. Such a person possess saint like nature. He is can be a good preacher. He can be strict in certain matters, and not able to resist himself from interrupting in others matters.

If any malefic or enemy planet of Jupiter is sitting in the eighth house of kundli, it is not considered good for children. Since Jupiter is in its own sign, it can give dramatically bad results when afflicted by malefic or enemy planet. The children of the native may have to face many obstacles and problems in their lives. The deeds of the native can affect his children in this placement. If the native tries to do good work and treat others well, he can expect to get some relief in these matters. Weakly placed Jupiter in this position, is not considered good for male child. He always has to suffer from some or the other problems throughout his life. The native should perform remedies to pacify the ill-effects of afflicted Jupiter.

There are certain remedies that can help the native get rid of the inauspicious effects of Jupiter and Rahu in the second house of lal kitab. These remedies can remove the obstacles from work and help the native attain his respective goals. His children will also benefit from these remedies. The native has a tendency to speak anything without thinking. He should try to get some control on his speech, and the planets will automatically get into his favour.

Venus and Rahu

Venus and Rahu together in the second house of lal kitab can make the native a boastful. Such a person attains a good sense of creativity and tries to attract other people with it. Both the planets placed in one house can destroy the auspicious effects of other planets in different houses. The native is devoid of all the effects of both the planets. With the influence of both the planets the native is likely to suffer from loss of reputation in the society. This is may not be an auspicious situation for females. The native can even lack family support. He may have to face a lot of conflicts and disagreements throughout his life.

None of the planet is able to give good results. As a result, the native is not able to attain good results of either of the planet. With the influence of Rahu placed with Venus, the native may have to suffer a lot throughout his life. Everything comes to him only after sheer hardwork and determination.

The native gets only the benefits of one or none. auspicious results can be delayed. It can be an unfavourable placement for females as well. It gives worries and stress throughout over some or the other issues. This can also create unfavourable situations in married life. The native is not able to attain full support of his partner in various situations of life. He may even have to face oppositions at various point of time in life.

Rahu And Saturn

Rahu and Saturn in the second house of lal kitab results in giving inauspicious effects of two malefic planets. In this placement, both the planets give results as per their own natural characters. These planets can even cause a lot of problems and obstacles in life of the native.

Rahu and Saturn in this house can lead to separation from home. The native earns his livelihood in a foreign land. Financial instability always affects the life of the native.

This conjunction has a great influence on the behaviour of the native. Due to this influence, the native gets involved in illegal activities or bad deeds. He gets inclined to alcohol and drugs. Such a person is mainly known for his negative character. When Rahu and Saturn forms relationship in this house with other planets as well, the native’s negative character become more obvious in front of others. These planets play a major role in the life of the native and affect almost every aspect of his life.

Lal kitab remedies for Rahu