Relation Of Ketu With Sun, Moon and Mars in the Second House Of Lal Kitab

Ketu And Sun

Ketu placed with Sun in the second house of lal kitab is not considered to be an auspicious placement for native. This position of Sun in the kandli cause lack of radiance and support from the father’s end. The person works really hard to maintain the name of his family. Since Ketu and Sun are in the same house, both the planets share a neutral relationship with each other. As a result, none of them is able to deliver the results as per its own characteristics.

This placement can affect the speech of the person. Clarity in speech can be a cause of concern. He might sound rude or blunt to others in most cases. It can even be difficult to understand the inner thoughts of such a person. He may even seem to be mysterious to many people. Ketu situated in the Aries, Gemini or Scorpio sign can give some auspicious results.

This placement can also affect the peace and tranquility in in-law's house. It can cause conflicts and stress between members of the family. Afflicted Ketu in this house can also give troubles from maternal uncle. Some or the other problems will always surround the native. Afflicted Ketu can also lack the pleasure of children.

Maternal uncle and his children may also have to face the ill-consequences of afflicted Ketu in the second house of lal kitab. The native is advised to perform remedial measures to pacify the ill-effects of weakly placed Ketu in this house. He should donate Ketu related items in the flowing water to attain its auspiciousness.

Ketu And Moon

This is not a good placement in terms of family relations. The native is likely to face trouble with family. He is likely to have constant conflicts with the members if his family on some or the other issue. Difference in thoughts and stressful relationships usually causes problems. This can also lead to obstruction and delay in success. However, the native attains a lot of wealth in his life. He is able to cater all the needs of his family successfully.

The relationship between Ketu and Moon in the second house of lal kitab is not considered auspicious. Both the planets placed together in one sign significantly reduces the good effects. If the planet is exalted, the native is able to attain good results from Ketu and Moon. The results are even good when the Ketu is situated with the lord of the second house itself.

The native is able to achieve success and recognition at work. Success comes only after hardwork and willful work. However, if any of the planet is afflicted in this house, the native is not able to accumulate wealth. His expenses always exceed his incomes, creating unstable financial conditions.

Ketu And Mars

Ketu and Mars placed in the second house of lal kitab give separate results to the native. Both the planets give results as per their respective characteristics. With the influence of Ketu, the native attains good financial condition. He is likely to become a supervisor as he always like things going according to his strategies. He might have inauspicious speech. He can be rude and blunt as well. He’ll be surrounded by some or the other problems from the government or state

If Ketu is present with the lord of the wealth in the house of wealth, the native is able to attain immense wealth and fortune. Ketu is considered to be auspicious for wealth related matters. Strongly placed Ketu makes the native financially stable and independent.

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