Relation Of Jupiter With Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu In The Third House Of Lal Kitab

Jupiter and Mercury

Conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in the third house if lal kitab is considered to be an auspicious placement. The native attains the auspiciousness of both the planets. If either of the planets in the third house is aspected or influenced by benefics, the native gets more than his share. He is able to attain the benefits of both the planets in some or the other way. Such a person relies on his intelligence, more than his work and dedication to accomplish them. He gets immense support of his siblings.

Jupiter placed in the auspicious signs gives favourably results to the native. The native attains huge number of benefits from some or the other source. He attains support of his teachers and preachers. Such a person is highly educated and well-learned. He has tremendous faith on his destiny. He doesn’t live a regretful life. Such a person believes in accomplishing his tasks with utmost patience and dedication.

The native is financially independent and lives a stable life. He is courageous and intelligent. Since both the planets forms relation with the wealth and prosperity aspects of a native's life, he attains successful career life. However, afflicted Jupiter can prevent auspicious results.

Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter and Venus placed in the third house of the lal kitab is an auspicious placement. The native is blessed with financial stable life. He gets good benefits from his efforts. Such a person attains results and benefits as per his endurance and hardwork. He is supportive of his siblings.The native plays an important role in developing the career of his siblings. With the influence of auspicious planets. the native gets the opportunity to travel abroad. He gets success in whatever works he desires to undertake.

Such a person attains immense support and benefits from females. The influence of Venus in this placement, makes the native inclined towards art and creativity. The person is able to recognize his talents and work accordingly. Such a person is also attracted to physical pleasures. He may even desire to spend most of his time in solitude. He is laid back and dread working hard.

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn placed in the third house of lal kitab gives the native financial stability and satisfaction. Such a person may also be dependent on others for his needs. This placement may not be able to make the person independent. However, the auspicious influence of Saturn and Jupiter in this house can give satisfactory and easy adulthood. The native gets the opportunities to explore different parts of the world. On the other hand, this placement is not considered auspicious in regards to siblings and family members.

If either of the planet is afflicted, the native may live a poor and sad life. His efforts can give him delayed or negative results. The influence of Saturn can even make the person bankrupt. However, if afflicted Saturn is aspected by benefic, the native can be saved from this trauma.

Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu

Jupiter placed with Rahu-ketu in the third house of lal kitab, the native becomes a hardworking and dedicated person. The native becomes a clever and courageous person. Such a person does not give up easily. He may attain some unexpected benefits during most crucial years of his life. He is able to attain victory from his enemies and respect in the society.

The native is able to attain perfection in his work. He is capable of accomplishing all the tasks he undertakes. He is able to represent himself in front of others in the most effective and sophisticated manner. Such a person can be a bit moody too. He is sensitive and generous. The native can be inclined to arts and creativity as well.

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