Relation of Mercury With Other Planets in The Second House of Lal Kitab

Mercury And Sun

When Mercury and Sun are present together in the second house of lal kitab, the native is blessed with a great blend of intelligence and wisdom. Mercury placed with Sun is considered to be a highly auspicious placement in terms of academics and career. Such a native can become an Ojas of his field of education. It helps the person to distinguish between the right and wrong deeds. Both the planets are able to give equivalent results when placed in the second house of lal kitab.

With the influence of Sun, the native also has a tendency to adopt aggressive nature. He is short-tempered and can ever get hyper over small issues. The native is a strong believer in religion. He is is inclined to perform religious works and participate in activities. He attains success in every task he accomplishes due to the effect of strongly placed Mercury.

With the influence of both planets, the native attains vitality in communication, which gives him the ability to to handle all life situations efficiently. The native receives the results as per the karak elements of planets.

Mercury and Moon

Mercury placed with Moon in the second house of lal kitab, reflects the emotional transformation of the native. Both the planets can create mental conflicts in the native throughout his life. The native is likely to attain immense wealth and prosperity in this placement. He gets full support of his destiny and able to accomplish all this responsibilities smoothly.

Such a person is highly imaginative. It can be difficult to control his desires. He is determined to achieve what all he desires for. This can even cause problems in the life of native in various situations. He might find difficulty in distinguishing between the virtual and real life.

Both the planets should be not be aspected by any other planet in the kundli. It can lead to problems and distress in the life of the native.He may not be able to handle his financial issues efficiently, leading to losses and financial instability in the long run.

Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Mars placed in the second house of lal kitab makes the native dependent in life. This is due to dependency of each planet on each other. Overall, the effects of Mercury and Mars are auspicious. With hard work and dedication the native is able to gain wealth and prosperity in life.

The native can be aggressive, but it will be short lived. He is blessed with good communication skills and the native always speaks good words. The native attains auspicious results. However, if Mars is afflicted the Mercury may even not be able to give auspicious results. The native starts experiencing ill-effects of Mercury as well, often in the form of confused mind.

Unlucky Mercury and Lalkitab Remedies