Relation of Ketu With Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn In The Second House of Lal Kitab

Ketu and Mercury

Ketu conjuncting Mercury in the second house of lal kitab is not considered auspicious for the native. Such a person may have to face a lot of troubles and problems in life. In this placement, the Mercury, along with Ketu can give results similar to Ketu.

The native’s speech efficiency can be affected. He may not have clarity in his words. Such a person has a tendency to suffer from several forms of stutter. He is not able to express his thoughts through verbal communications. This is the reason he seems mysterious to many people.

If Ketu and Mercury are placed together in one house, the results from one planet improved tremendously, while the other one becomes weak. Clearly, the results of both the planets cannot be auspicious in this placement.

It can be understood from an example. If the health of the sister is good, the child of the native suffers from weakness or consistent illnesses. Similarly, the of the person is born intelligent, he might be delusional and incapable of taking the right decisions. In short, it can be said if Ketu is auspicious, Mercury elements will become weak, and vice versa.

Such a person may always have to face some or the other kind of financial challenges. His expenses will always exceed his income, leading to situation of consistent stress. He is likely to face obstructions in obtaining inherited property as well due to the influence of Ket in this first house of lal kitab.

However, there is nothing to worry about, as the situation settles down in the later stage of the native’s life. If either of the planets in this yoga are afflicted with malefics, the problems and concerns of the native multiply.

Ketu And Jupiter

Ketu placed with Jupiter in the lal kitab is not an auspicious placement. Both the planets are not able to give their auspicious results to the native. The native is not able to get full results, due to the influence of Ketu in the first house. On the other hand, since Ketu is the student of Jupiter, it is not able to give his own results too. If the eighth house is empty or contains friendly planet, the native becomes a kind and sympathetic person.

Ketu exalted in this position makes the native wealthy, and Jupiter increases the chances and opportunities to increase the flow of finances. The person is able to accomplish his left out endeavours. He gets the ability and resources to take a hold on his forgotten dreams and fulfill them with the influence of Jupiter. However, the can also bring some level of problems and obstacles to the native. The native may have to face numerous obstacles in every work, before he attains his goals.

The financial status of the person is favourable. He lives a satisfactory life and able to enjoy the pleasure of luxuries. But if the eighth house is afflicted with malefics or enemy planets, the native may not be able to attain the pleasure of wealth. Finances can bring a major concern in his life.

Ketu And Venus

Ketu and Venus conjucting in the first house of lal kitab give mixed results. In fact, the results of both the planets are dependent on each other. Ketu is also known as the life partner of Venus. When placed in one house, if either of the planet is giving auspicious results, the other one automatically starts providing favourable results too.

Ketu and Venus are closely linked to each other and when placed in one house, give extremely good results to the native. The native is able to attains good benefits under the influence of these planets. He attains wealth and respect in the society. He is blessed with a supportive and wealthy family. He is able to attain all the pleasures of a happy and luxurious life.

However, if either of the planet gets afflicted in this house, the planets are not able to give results, The native may have to suffer from various problems and obstacles throughout his life. His honor and respect may even be affected.

Ketu And Saturn

Ketu and Saturn together placed in the first house of lal kitab makes the native immensely rich. They act as a great support to the native in terms of finances and career. However, family problems can be distressing for the native at the same time due to this combination. His hard work pays off really well.

He becomes a wealthy, generous and justice man. Such a person is blessed with good decision making capability that helps him to achieve success and honor. At the same time, afflicted Saturn or Ketu can create financial losses and damage to the reputation.

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