Relation of Sun With Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu In The THird House of Lal Kitab

Sun and Venus

Sun and Venus placed together in the third house of lal kitab makes the native a sentimental and extremely emotional person. Such a person is not able to attain control on this desires. He desires for wealth, fame and salvation. Native born in this placement has the tendency to build castle in the air. He might have dual-life. This can even become the reason for his financial instability. His desires to live a lavish life. With the influence of auspicious planets in this house, the native is able to attain success without depending on anyone.

The person is blessed with many sisters. Such a person may even have to take the responsibility of upbringing of his sisters. Sun with Venus in this house gives auspicious results, but it can lack good results anytime, depending upon the position of other planets. This can lead to obstacles and problem in life. The native may have to go through a lot of financial problems. The native may look strong on the surface, but he is always indulged in some or the other thoughts.

Sun and Saturn

In the third house of the lal kitab and rescence of Sun and Saturn give mixed results to the native in regards to the katrak elements of the house. In this house, both the planets can give results separately. Such a person may not be able to attain the results of both the planets in one time.

In fact, the placement of both the planets, giving results at the same time is not even considered to be auspicious. This is the reason why the native is not able to attain good results from either of the planet. Such a person can remain upset about various things in this placement. He is not able to create good bind with people, be it work or personal life. He is always surrounded by the obstacles due to the influence of this placement.

The conjunction of these planets usually affect the auspiciousness of both the planets. The native is not able to attain good results even after doing a lot of hard work. He is never able to accomplish his work successfully due to obstacles and hindrances, resulting from the influence of Saturn placed with Sun in this house.

Such a person can be stubborn as well as willful. He has to suffer from the hatred of his siblings. As a result, he may even have to go through separation from family. This placement force the native to do hard work, but the results are not guaranteed.

Sun and Rahu

Sun and Rahu in the third house of lal kitab makes the native a hardworking and determined individual. But the native is not able to attain the results of both the planets. Lack of auspiciousness can results in various kinds of obstacles and hindrances. Relations with sister and paternal aunt can give problems. The native may even have to suffer from health problems related to feet and ears. The native is hardworking and achieve success on his own terms.

The father of the native may also have to face a number of problems due to the influence of Rahu. The native can be the eldest person of his family, fulfilling all the responsibilities. Such a person lives an optimistic life. He never gives up even in life, no matter how difficult the situation gets. Such a person can however be very moody. He likes to live in a confined place, this is the reason he is not able to attain popularity among people and groups.

Sun and Ketu

Sun and Ketu placed in the third house of the lal kitab are not considered to auspicious at all. The native born in this placement may have to suffer from problems related to spinal cord. His maternal uncle or children can give him problems as well. Moreover, the native may even have to spend most of his time travelling and suffer from obstacles in it too. Such a person is not able to attain results in accordance to his hard work. Some or the other problems always surround him.

Even though Sun and Ketu try to give good results, the magnitude of obstacles in this house don’t let them. Obstacles can lead to delays and thus affect the rate of success. Such a person should pay good attention to his health. He has a tendency to develop blisters and pimples that might affect their health as well.

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