Remedies For Jupiter In Laal Kitaab

Benefits and remedies in laal kitaab are determined by beneficial & malefic planets. The planets
which are in exalted position in it’s own rashi, is in friendly signs and have the aspect of beneficial planets, then there are chances of fruitful results. But, if the planets are in debilitated position or is situated in unfriendly signs and are affected by malefic planets then the person might face problems in getting fruitful results.

In your horoscope, beneficial and malefic planets gives results according to their house & element. The laal kitaab gives the remedies to increase the effect of beneficial planets and decrease the effects of malefic planets in your birth chart & yearly kundli.

Effect of Jupiter in Laal Kitaab

Jupiter holds high importance in laal kitaab. It tells about a person’s knowledge & understanding. Person is infused with good thoughts. The person gets love & respect from its elders & also gets the good company of his teachers. Jupiter gives a person the happiness of life partner & child in his life. It helps a person in getting success & respect.

Remedies for removing the negative effects of Jupiter

When in kundli or in birth chart, jupiter is located in unfavourable position and the elements of jupiter are creating problem, example- if it is creating problem in the house, then the reason for this is- the natives grandfather or father might have insulted a brahman. The following remedies should be undertaken to get the best results of jupiter.

If in the second, fifth, eleventh & twelfth house of jupiter has unfriendly planets, then it is important to cure this. If jupiter is in second house with it’s native, then business related to gold will not be beneficial for them. When it is related to venus then businesses like trade, agriculture, and decorative items will prove beneficial for them.

If the person is facing financial difficulty, then the sixth house of jupiter is said to be in a weak position. To improve this the person should give clothes to a brahman. The elements of jupiter like kesar, chana dal, should be donated at religious places for the benefits of jupiter.

Due to weak jupiter problems related to children must be faced. To improve this ‘vishnu pujan’ should be done to gain the benefits.

If jupiter is situated in the eighth house, then it creates problem. If this problem is faced by a female, then she should tie a raw cotton yarn with turmeric, eight times around the pipal tree. It should be done on the day of jupiter for extra benefits.

If in laal kitaab, jupiter is located in the tenth house and creating problems, then to improve the position of jupiter, sun & moon should be placed in fourth house. Sun’s element brass & moon’s element rice should be released in river to get the benefits. Through this the troubled planet gets peace & calm.

Reasons for weak Jupiter

In the following cases jupiter might not be able to give desired results- When it is weak, When it is affected by malefic planets, When it is situated in low rashi or unfriendly rashi.

Here we will try to explain it with the help of an example. In this we will tell how a planet affects when we use a particular thing.

Example- When fourth house comes with tenth house, and sun & moon are located in the fourth house, then the jupiter helps in getting support from friends. According to laal kitaab, if jupiter is located in the twelfth house, then the native shouldn’t wear anything in its neck. Because the neck & the heart of a person depicts jupiter, and in this situation wearing things which act as its enemies should not be worn, as they will give unfavourable results.